As the words to Alice Cooper’s “School’s out for Summer…” echo through the heads of many kids and parents, it’s time for marketers globally to step up their marketing games.

With the peak of the Summer holidays about to hit, parents, aunties and grandparents are already busy looking for ways to keep the kids entertained. From Summer vacations to exotic resorts and local weekend trips through to visits to the zoo and, of course, the dreaded shopping mall trips the school holidays are a turbulent time for consumers of all ages.

…and once the entertainment slog is out of the way, the pre-school hunt for the cheapest back-to-school merchandise begins. It all sounds like hard work, but you’re forgetting the big question: where does your brand or business fit in?

It is estimated that British parents will spend more than £11 billion keeping children entertained during the Summer break (Travel Lodge). That’s a lot of money to be made and a lot of stress to ease as 51% of these parents admit to finding it stressful to source things to do.

So what’s the solution that your brand can bring?

If you have their consumer data, then now is the time to use it. And if you don’t, then why aren’t you collecting it?

Whether looking to collect data or influence purchasing behaviour printing a unique keyword on leaflets, price tags or in-store posters which can be texted in to enter a competition or to receive a discount code will help build your contact data and also initiate customer participation.

The great news for marketers is that when it comes to back-to-school marketing to kids and parents there are plenty of similarities between the two groups, particularly in their mobile behaviour.

89% of consumers are making such decision based on mobile discounts, offers and coupons during the back-to-school period. (Retale) This includes 20% of parents who are already actively searching for vouchers and discounts to help them save money this Summer. (Mums in the know).

So why wouldn’t you deliver what they’re looking for straight to their hands?

Example 1:

Tired of hearing “I’m bored” this Summer? Entertain the kids with 241 tickets at the Zoo until September. Book by clicking here”

Example 2:

Ease the Summer stress, keep them quiet. Treat the kids with 50% off toys online or in-store until 31/08/15. Use promo code SCHOOLSOUT

The rise of the smartphone from the ashes of the high street has changed the impact that brands can have on consumers, which is why combining mobile with your current marketing efforts could open up opportunities to reach consumers of all ages with quicker and better responses.


Did you know…?

  • 81% of 13-18 year-old phone-owners own a smartphone
  • 24% of these teens admit to checking theirs continuously (Pew Research)
  • 89% of Mothers own a smartphone which they keep at arm’s length (Converse Digital)

There’s plenty of opportunity to build a relationship between brand and consumer this Summer, with that extra personal touch.

And that’s not all. Once the kid’s entertainment has been sorted. Parents will then be starting to think of the back-to-school preparations.

The total cost of kitting out UK school children last year stood at £2.5 billion (The Guardian). This mean that the average parent spends £250 on uniforms, stationery, shoes, bags and optional extras per child!

How does your business plan to get your portion of the cake?

Whether you sell back-to-school merchandise or not is irrelevant. Even spas, gyms and hotels can make the most of the back-to-school marketing push. Using it as the springboard is the key.

Just make sure you are doing the following:

  • Consider your target audience; age as an example
  • Ask yourself why your customers need your product
  • Do you know what problem your product or service solves?

Then craft the perfect SMS message…

Example 1:

It’s all so quiet… Get some much-needed R&R now the kids are back at school with 50% off couple’s packages in September. Ahem…Mum & dad. Call 0115 **** ***”

Example 2:

“Give the car some TLC after the kid’s Summer break with £10 off the Gold valet package. Use promo code BK2SCHOOL here –”

Back to school is pretty big business when it comes to advertising and it can be much bigger with mobile. Make the most of Summer with SMS.

Original: Text Marketer