smartphone cultureThis past weekend, I attended a couple of College World Series Games and the games were very exciting games. (low scoring, dramatic finishes). What really struck me though were the fans. The fan experience is not only the game, the scoreboard and the food, but the little device that almost 50-60% of the fans were holding in their hands.

People cannot get enough of their phones. People are constantly texting, tweeting, reading, taking selfies, sharing information on Facebook and more.

You cannot go any place without seeing someone looking at their smartphone. It really is a sign of our current culture. Everyone is starved for the latest news, post and picture. We used to think people were spending too much time in front of the television. Smartphones are quickly becoming the new television.

Disconnecting is becoming harder and harder for people. Could you go a day without your smartphone?

The missing part in all of this is live, human interaction.

This is where your business comes in. People want to be served more than ever. People are becoming increasingly self-serving because their smartphone provides them with data from companies, conversations and pictures. When people call your company, they are making comments like the following:

  • Where can I find that information on your website? (Really prefer mobile sites over traditional websites)
  • I could not find where to go with respect to price on your site (Used to Amazon and eBay sites)
  • Is there an email address of someone I could work with (Easier to send Email than call)
  • What is the address of your company? (Needed for Google Maps)

Client Service Difference

The differential you can provide is to be the expert and answer their questions directly. Some companies do not have “live” client service help. If you want to make a difference today, you need live people who have knowledge of the company’s products and services.

More Transparency

Companies need to evaluate their websites and make sure their sites are mobile friendly. This information as listed above helps people find information they are seeking and puts the power in the hands of the consumer.

Have a Presence Online

Social media is here. People like to connect with people they see on a regular basis. You do not need to go crazy here and spend all of your time engaging, but you need to give people a reason to stay in contact with you. It really is that simple.


Start looking at your company information from the standpoint of a person who holds the keys in the palm of their hands. How are you going to get your message to people who are finding all of their information on their mobile devices. Put yourself in their place and see for yourself if your company information is easy to follow on mobile devices or not.

photo credit: gholzer via photopin cc

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