There is a time when you have certain needs as a student, and these kind of needs change once you enter the real world and take on a job. However, when you are both a student and an employee, it’s a whole different matter.

Mixing study and work is not a simple task. There are so many things you would have to consider when it comes to taking up your Masterals, or going back to school to finish your degree while you’re playing your cards in the corporate world. There are so many things to consider: Your schedule when it comes to your office hours, and your other schedule with your classes. You have to be early enough to fulfill your work duties; and you should still have the time to provide space when it comes to your readings, reports, library work, presentations, and other school requirements. Not to mention the long commute when you have to jump from work to school. You have to consider being early as well, so not to be late and have your professors annoyed by your unprofessionalism.

Now the good thing about being a working student is that you’re actually earning enough money on the other hand. With the capability to enjoy a smart phone or a fancy mobile gadget, you can probably have a few apps that would be a great help when it comes to your hectic double life as both an employee and a student. With a few tools and tricks, there are several applications in the market which you can add to your mobile phone, graphics tablet, or other Android OS or iOS device which can help with your everyday schedule, whether its plotting down dates of reports or presentations (business or school wise), listing down your notes, switching contacts from your business phone, saving digital post-its, and more.

Here are several apps which can provide convenience for your school and office needs:

  • Inkpad – Downloadable with Android’s Google Apps Store and through the Apple Store, the Inkpad serves as your scribble pad on your phone or tablet. It works well with its capability to upload and sync your notes online, such as your Gmail. Providing a quick search
  • Evernote – Ideal for students who are comfortable with using their iPads in class, Evernote gives its note-taking cloud service, allowing you to segregate your notes into efficient study materials. From text, to audio, and images; Evernote ensures that you can utilize these materials into study questions which can help you towards your finals.
  • Lemon Wallet – Have a backup of your cards, whether it’s insurance, loyalty, payment cards, probably even your school and office IDs. Be able to digitize your cards and have a backup in case you lose or misplace your actual wallet.
  • Harvest Time and Expense Tracker – Best when it comes to keeping track of your expenses, this application also allows you to monitor your time, and mileage by projects. You can also screenshot your receipts, allowing you to save up on paper when it comes to keeping your records. It also syncs with your own Harvest account, providing reliable password protection.