In this exciting age of small businesses turning into multimillion dollar operations, it’s vital they find tools that can help them grow. For businesses with limited budgets and manpower, it’s important these tools allow team members to easily accomplish as many tasks as possible.

A Chief Financial Officer may also have to deal with new business development, client relations, acting creative director, project manager, and HR. Streamlining internal communications and projects is a full time position, without all these other obstacles standing in your way.

Luckily developers are coming out with better and quicker apps that help achieve these goals — thanks to the cloud and mobile app markets exploding onto the scene — with small businesses being more enthusiastic adopters.

Making the switch to Google Apps is becoming the go-to solution for enterprises and their business needs. Google Apps offers a suite of free or inexpensive user-friendly applications, and there are now more than 4 million organizations running Google Apps, with more than 40 million users — this equates to a new business signing up every 14 seconds for Google web-based tools. The platform experiences a 90% renewal rate.

Some of the main factors contributing to an Apps success is that they provide what small businesses are looking for in: scalability, efficiency, mobile access, and low cost.

via: Mavenlink