Invoicing is a routine affair for most of us. What if it was a simple and beautiful process?

This week, we will review Sleek Bill – an easy to use invoicing management software. In this Sleek Bill review, we will look at its interface, features, and see how it can be of use to you.

Making Invoices Beautiful

According to Mircea Capatina, who co-founded the solution, the company’s secret sauce lies in pleasing the customer with the beauty and simplicity of their solution. In product terms, this translates into a simple workflow and an interface that stresses beauty and intuitiveness over cluttered menu structures. “We have not put our effort in adding redundant features to it, but keeping it with a very clean and intuitive interface,” he says. “As a result, I daresay that Sleek Bill is the most user-friendly and beautiful desktop invoicing software ever built.”


According to Capatina, there are two problems with existing invoicing solutions in the market. Similar on-premise software is deprecated, unusable, and overburdened with features that are redundant. “On the other hand, newly-built billing software is online and aims for the cloud,” he says. Capatina says this results in a security compromise for most firms.

Sleek Bill solves this problem by offering a sleek user interface that is minimal, focused, and derived from the cloud aesthetic. At the same time, the solution is available via an installer for Mac and PCs, making it secure. “We think there are lots of companies who value their privacy and do not want to put their invoices in cloud storage, but prefer to keep them safe on their own devices,” he says.

Working with the Solution

You can do several things using the solution. The main utility of the solution, of course, lies in its invoice software. You can create customized invoices, handle necessary calculations and format and print invoices and send them as finished emails or PDFs. The workflow for this is pretty simple and begins with hitting the “Create an Invoice” button. A simple workflow leads you through the process during which you can add or subtract product details, add customer names (and automatically add them to the database), and convert estimates into completed invoices automatically.


Because it is available as a downloadable installer, Sleek Bill works just like any other application. You can also choose to test the solution with predefined mock data or you can choose to program data into the solution. One of the more interesting and fantastic features of the solution is the “autocomplete” function, which enables you to add a new product/service or customer details without actually retrieving it from a database. This means that new details related to your invoicing efforts are automatically added to the solution. You can also choose the analogue route and can import or export application data from the solution. The solution also comes with a set of pre-configured tools such as the ability to backup or restore data or configuring tax details into the solution.

Pros and Cons

Writing this section was fairly easy because the solution has much to recommend. On top of that list is its ease-of-use. Most solutions require creating of internal databases for important entities and fields such as clients and customers. Sleek Bill’s autocomplete feature is extremely handy and simplifies the process to make it fast and efficient. I also liked the fact that it is extensible, in the sense that you can convert estimates into invoices using the solution. Then, of course, there is that enchanting interface which is really great to look at and work with. It is minimal and essential, thereby making it simple and easy for you to work Sleek Bill.

However, I think there is a case to be made for porting their solution to the cloud. While an on-premise solution definitely preserves privacy, cloud-based solutions offer several, other benefits such as mobility and anywhere computing. In addition, Sleek Bill does not integrate with other solutions. Integrations, custom or otherwise, might simplify operations for small businesses and would be an excellent value add for them.


Sleek Bill follows a fairly simple pricing structure. It has a free trial download as well as a premium lifetime license. The latter pricing scheme comes with free updates and support and also linkages with payment processing solution Paypal.

The Bottom Line

I think Sleek Bill is a fantastic and simple solution for your invoicing needs. I would recommend trying out the free trial to determine how the solution fits into your ecosystem of applications.