Just when we all thought the ‘Will now have Stories’ memes were over, the most unsuspecting platform, Skype, recently announced it will have ‘Highlights’. No, this is not a joke. In fact, it’s like a bad summer thriller – Stories, They’re Everywhere. No really, they’re everywhere. Facebook, we’re looking at you.

It all started last year when Instagram, a Facebook-owned company, copied Snapchat and introduced ‘Stories’ to its newsfeed. At first, everyone shook their heads at the blatant cloning of another app. And then everyone started using it, blowing Snapchat out of the water. I admit, I succumbed to the wonders of Instagram Stories as well. See my other article, When Is Instagram Stories Better Than Snapchat?

Little did I know it was the beginning of an era, with more apps jumping on the bandwagon.

In January, after the success of Instagram Stories, Facebook decided it would introduce its own Stories feature (insert memes here). Despite Facebook Stories’ utter failure, they continued to roll it out on WhatsApp in February, and Messenger in March.

Okay fine, it’s pretty safe to say that most apps owned by Facebook will have some sort of Stories feature – but Skype? Skype is used for long distance interviews and makeshift ‘Facetiming’ with your friends who have Androids. It’s more of a utility, like the telephone. While we appreciate Microsoft’s effort to appeal towards a younger audience… What’s next? Apple Music Stories? Apple Maps Stories? Settings Stories?

Product Designer Rafael Conde already visualized these possible app layouts a few months ago:

Are you laughing yet?

We get it. The Stories feature is hot right now. But now we’re just forcing it. As an app developer, ask yourself if a Stories feature makes sense. If the answer is no, don’t waste perfectly good visual space.

Have any 2017 projections of which apps will include a Stories feature next? Let us know in the comments!