If your company doesn’t offer a mobile job search app or a mobile-friendly career site, it could be missing out on qualified candidates. Below are six reasons that businesses should start catering to mobile job seekers.

Mobile device use is increasing. The number of mobile devices worldwide will exceed PCs next year, according to Morgan Stanley, and mobile internet use is projected to pass desktop web use within the next two years, which means…

Mobile job searching is on the rise. January 2013 comScore data show that 6 million people used mobile job search in January 2013, up from 2.3 million in March 2012. Career Builder reports that almost a third of its traffic each month comes from mobile devices. Career sites must optimize for mobile to capture this traffic.

Reduce frustration for mobile users. Simply Hired says only 3 out of 10 job seekers apply for jobs using a mobile device—in part because it’s hard to do. CareerBuilder says when a mobile candidate is notified they are about to encounter a non-mobile friendly apply process, 40 percent will drop off. A mobile-friendly career site removes hurdles that prevent resume submissions and applications.

Gain a competitive advantage. By moving quickly, you can get a leg up on competitors who have yet to deploy mobile job apps or mobile-responsive job listings. In fact, only a third of Fortune 500 companies have career sites optimized to fit smartphone screens, according to a recent article in the Wall Street Journal. Mobilize now and get ahead.

Increase the number of applicants. A mobile job app and mobile optimized career site will boost your talent acquisition strategy. Just ask McDonalds. WSJ reports that when the company launched a mobile-friendly job site in 2008, 24,000 people used it to submit applications. In 2012, the site attracted two million mobile submissions—about 10 percent of the total applications received by the company.

Avoid Google penalties. In June, the search engine announced changes to its mobile search rules designed to demote web pages not built with a responsive mobile web design. If your website isn’t built to render a mobile-optimized version of each page, your career site and job posting pages will begin to rank lower, according to ERE.net, a popular recruitment blog.

RunMobile’s development team can help companies quickly transform their career sites to meet the needs of mobile users. Add a mobile job search app and you’ll capture even more candidates via smartphone and tablet.