Social media has become increasingly more pervasive in our sports viewing experiences. This year’s MLB All-Star game in Kansas City on Fox invited viewers to share in the experience by displaying an #ASG in the upper right corner of the television screen throughout the entire game. In fact, there were hashtags all over Kauffman Stadium facades and walls encouraging fans to interact on Twitter. Sports are becoming more social and Twitter is one of the biggest reasons why.

But there are other social mediums that have created a more communal sports viewing experience. Smartphone applications for Android and iPhone are becoming major sources for fan interaction as well.

Here are some great new sports apps (in no particular order) that are bringing fans together like never before:

SportsYapper (@SportsYapper) is an app that is similar to Twitter but solely dedicated to discussing sports. SportsYapper allows you to decide which games you wish to talk about by“Yapping” 300 characters at a time. When you use SportsYapper you tap “Game On!” for the game you are currently watching and this alerts your friends to the game you are viewing. Then let the conversation begin by creating and following a real-time stream of Yapps between you and your followers. One of the coolest things about SportsYapper is that it was launched by New York Yankees’ first baseman Mark Teixeira.

FanCake (@Kwartr) is a live social game that gives fans the opportunity to earn tickets, merchandise and more by watching one of the selected games and connecting with friends on Facebook. FanCake users earn reward credits by checking in, engaging in FanCake gameplay, interacting with real-time events in the game, and taking part in prediction challenges. Included is a live chat feed that allows fans to share comments and photos during the game while medals with reward credits fly across the screen, predictions boxes pop up, and credits are earned for simply commenting and interacting.

Thuuz (@thuuz) is an app that analyzes live sporting events to determine which is the most exciting based on a scale of 0-100. It allows you to personalize your experience by identifying your favorite teams and sports. You can also get game details that include scores, stats, recaps and highlights. If a game gets to a high level of excitement Thuuz will notify you and give you real-time updates.

PlayUp (@PlayUpUSA) is an app that is basically a social hangout for your friends and family to message each other for free while watching a game. Fans can tune in to watch their favorite sports team and simultaneously chat with fellow fanatics via their smartphone. PlayUp offers real-time stats and scoring with an option to create private chat rooms with selected friends or to make a public conversation with fans around the globe.

Fanatix (@therealfanatix) is a London-based social TV app that offers live sports platforms for fans. It integrates Twitter feeds for the game that you are watching and also allows you to connect with and make new friends based on who is checked in and watching the same game that you are. Fanatix also has the ability to host live chats with friends and fellow fans about the game that is being viewed.

GrabFan (@GrabFan) is a new app that lets you bet with other users about the outcome of sporting events. Users wager GrabFan game credits that can be cashed in for sports tickets or merchandise. You can select any game in pretty much any sport and create a prediction that will be sent, via Facebook integration, to friends or fellow GrabFan users. If you are right with your prediction then you get game credits and most importantly bragging rights.

These are six mobile apps that are helping to change the way sports are viewed on television. Viewers are no longer limited to the confines of their living room when watching the game. They can interact with fans all over the world that are watching the same game they are. Most of these apps are basically a concentrated twitter feed where fans of the same team can gather together to bet, predict, chat, trash talk and share during the contest. By the time co-workers gather around the water cooler to discuss last night’s game it has become old news. With apps like these TV viewing is more social than ever before and interaction among fans has been made immediate and constant.