simPRO Review – A single place where trade service businesses can access everything they need to manage their jobs & run their business

Now that professionals are striving to become as paperless as possible, old processes are being replaced with new. For trade service professionals, electricians, plumbers, and others in the trade and service industry, managing estimates and invoices electronically is an ongoing challenge.

simPRO Enterprise helps trade service businesses save time and money by connecting the back office with the field. This simPRO review looks at the Enterprise’s ability to handle a variety of tasks associated with both large projects and service jobs.

SimPRO Review- About the Company

Founded by a managing director of an electrical contracting business in 2002, simPRO meets today’s demand for a mobile-accessible solution. Because this solution is designed specifically for the trade and service industry, it contains all the features service professionals need from field service management software to conduct their day-to-day duties.

Main Functionality of simPRO

simPRO Enterprise is designed to tackle the large projects and service jobs service professionals handle each day. The app handles all of the tasks service professionals need, including:

  • Estimating
  • Purchasing
  • Scheduling
  • Project & Service Management
  • Stock Control
  • Accounting Integration
  • Asset Maintenance
  • Invoicing
  • Field Mobility
  • Customer Login
  • Vehicle Tracking

Benefits of Using simPRO

This system is no toy, it’s a complete system. simPRO Enterprise not only manages jobs but gives you a clear understanding of the health of your business.

The mobile app for simPRO Enterprise, simPRO Connect enables field technicians to share data with their back office operations while on site. This means they’re saving hours on travel time, no longer having to return to the back office. It also speeds up the process of tracking orders, logging estimates, manage team schedules and approving timesheets. The whole process also drastically reduces paperwork.

The Basics: What Does It Look Like?

The dashboard compiles information about current jobs to give contractors an at-a-glance view at the items currently in progress.

simPRO dashboard

Professionals can view up-to-date information on each of its customers. Clicking on a customer name brings up a page with detailed information on the company and their contacts. The same directory listings are available for jobs, sites, suppliers, employees, and contractors.

Company details

Under Leads, the user can view open, closed leads, or create new leads. In simPRO Enterprise, a lead can even be a Job.

Lead view

In that same area, contractors can also view a list of all open or closed quotes, and create new quotes. Clicking on an item brings up a detailed view of the quote.

Open quotes window

Service quote summary

The Invoices section can provide a list of all unpaid invoices, along with the number of days each invoice is overdue.

Unpaid invoices view

Clicking on an invoice brings up its details. To edit it, you can unlock it and make changes. Inside the Invoice you can view itemized details of the contents.

Invoice details view

Support Information

Users can place support requests and feature requests directly within the system. Help is available through either placing a help desk ticket or using live chat.

Pricing Information

simPRO does not offer transparent pricing. Customers must contact the company to discuss their individual needs.

SimPRO Review – The Bottom Line

In one place, contractors & trade service companies can access everything they need to do their jobs and manage their business. Mobile accessibility also allows for constant connectivity. The only issue with simPRO Enterprise is that it’s so robust, it’s a steep learning curve. The good news is, simPRO offers a wealth of training options to help users make the most of this comprehensive app.

Ratings: ease of use 3/5, features 4/5, value 4/5