While iPhone and iPad sales keep on breaking all kinds of records, the aura of perfectionism that surrounded Apple during Steve Job’s reign seems to have dispersed. The Maps fiasco did not hurt the sales, but it did cause a rather ugly dent in the reputation of the Cupertino giant. Apple released 6.0.1 and 6.0.2 versions with lots of minor bug fixes and one major Wi-Fi bug fixed, but there are many other things that iOS 6 could do better.

Apple was far ahead of its competitors in 2012, and it was able to get away with an operating system that was less than perfect. With Android gobbling up huge chunks of the mobile market share, Apple needs to demonstrate its previous commitment to quality and perfectionism. The below-listed fixes or tweaks can make iOS 6 better, and they don’t require a lot of work. By doing these five things, Apple can make its operating system almost perfect.

Home Screen Rotation for iPhone

Everyone was suitably impressed from Steve Jobs displayed iPhone’s auto-rotation feature when the first iPhone was launched. Five years down the line, with iOS 6, the screen rotation works just fine, but the Home screen doesn’t rotate along with the rest of the screen. As most of the in-built iPhone apps rotate with the screen, this feature doesn’t make sense. While this may have some uses, it is rather distracting and it reduces the functionality of the device.

Pause Functionality in Camera

Apple has always been obsessed with reducing the number of buttons and steps needed for performing a particular action. iPod Shuffle, the one with only one button, is the culmination of this love for minimalism. But sometimes, you need more buttons.

The camera app has a Play button, and it has a Stop button. But there is no Pause button. So, you have the most advanced smartphone in the world in your hands, but you cannot pause video recording. Android and other mobiles have such a button, and the iPhone needs one too.

Weather, Stock and Passbook Apps on iPad

The Weather, Stock and Passbook apps come pre-loaded on the iPhone, and they are some of the most useful apps for mobile users. All the users need to do is pull down a notification tray, and they can view the updates visually.

This facility is not present on the iPad. You have to take a longer route and ask Siri about the weather or stocks, but you don’t have the apps on iPad and so it takes a little longer. We need these three apps on the iPad too – there is no good reason to not have them on the tablet.

App Switching through Swipe Gestures for iPhone

The new iPad had a number of new gestures. One of the most useful (and one of the most widely used, I would think) is the multi-finger horizontal swipe that allows you to move from one running app to other. There are several other such gestures that make iPad a lot easier to navigate than the iPhone. Surely, Apple can release an update of iOS 6 for iPhone to support a wider range of support gestures.

Direct Access to Do Not Disturb, Bluetooth and Airplane Modes

There is no point in hiding your light under a bushel, and that is what Apple is doing by not giving a quick access to Do Not Disturb, Bluetooth and Airplane modes. Granted, users just have to open the Setting menu to access these features, but most of the time you want to use any of these features, you are in a hurry. And these are extremely useful features. Apple needs to find a way of giving direct access to these features.

To wrap it up…

Apple’s iOS is still the better than any other mobile operating system in the market, but it is not perfect. By making the above listed fixes and changes in iOS 6, it will be able to offer a lot better experience to users. As most of the changes are simple and easy to make, it won’t be much of a problem to Apple.