The Christmas season is almost upon us. And cheer is not the only thing that’s being spread around. Walmart has just launched an app that takes you into the world of intelligent shopping. When it comes to shopping, Christmas is characterized by long lines and pushing and shoving. But with this app, the joy of shopping will literally reside at your fingertips. What makes it all the more better is that the app has been launched on Facebook, where shopping takes on a smarter dimension.

Facebook is a veritable goldmine when it comes to data. Walmart’s app, called Shopycat, mines all the shared data from your friend’s profiles and news feeds and makes gift recommendations. Shopycat makes use of the company’s Social Genome technology (acquired from startup Kosmix) and matches keywords to suggest gift ideas. The great bit is that these recommendations don’t only come from Walmart but also partner sites such as Barnes & Noble, RedEnvelope, Hot Topic and many others. In case Shopycat’s recommendations are a little blah or your friend’s profiles are bare, Shopycat does the next best thing. It points you to other places such as iTunes and Zynga to buy good old fashioned gift cards.

As of now, Shopycat directs users to the websites but plans to complete the transactions within Facebook by this time next year. This will complete the loop at a single point and will undoubtedly add to the convenience. Shopping for others is never easy, especially during the mad rush of a holiday season. But what Shopycat does is it simplifies the experience for you through making gift recommendations and offering a channel to make the purchase in the convenience of your home. You don’t even have to make a list of your friends. This is a great example of harnessing the technology of Facebook to provide a solution to a very real problem.