Dan Smigrod, the CEO and IDEAologist at GREAT! introduced me to TourWrist, a free smartphone and tablet app that has generated over 300,000 downloads because you can shoot a 360 degree panoramic photo.

There are over 22,000 panoramic virtual tour photos to view from gorgeous cities around the world, to houses, recreational settings and more!

CEO and Founder Charles Armstrong says: “Tour Wrist is the YouTube of virtual tours and is quickly becoming the definitive destination for searching for and viewing virtual tours.”

Here’s a video that explains Tour Wrist’s capabilities:

As you can see in the video, you can browse the library of existing panoramas, create your own, hire one of 6,000 professionals for a better shot, or build a white label app.

For example, the Tour Wrist white label app Tour Homes 360 allows views of Florida’s luxurious homes.

Marketers are always looking for new ways to showcase content, and panoramic video allows for just that- it could be used to showcase products on an e-commerce site as an alternative to expensive video production.

By the Fall, you’ll be able to share your panoramas as “Publish to TourWrist” is integrated into the apps.

More and more technologies are becoming widely available and affordable, and panoramic video is one of them.

Click on the link to get Tour Wrist for the iPhone or the iPad.

On October 1st,. you’ll be able to download the equally robust application for Android.

Author: Dan Verhaeghe is the Marketing Specialist and New Media Expert at mcloughlin. You can follow him at @mcloughlinpromo or e-mail at [email protected]