Shipping apps

Every business ships and/or receives something, it’s an unfortunate part of doing business in today’s world because of the headaches involved with shipping – printing the right labels, tracking your packages properly, picking the right shipping company with the cheapest rates, etc. Luckily, apps like the ones showcased below can help ease your shipping woes.

Package BuddyPackage Buddy Shipping app

Package Buddy is an Android app that can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store. It offers a host of features and options, including a barcode scanning feature, the ability to share shipping information with ease, and you can even filter status information whether you’re sending or receiving packages.

There is a pro version of the app available for $2 that is ad free and can sync with multiple Android devices. It can track shipments from over 60 different worldwide shipping companies.

Delivery Status Touch

This is an app solely for iPhone users that can be found on the App Store for only $4.99. The app focuses on making it easy for you to track packages sent and received from a wide variety of sources, ranging from well known shipping companies like UPS to international companies like Japan Post. You can also download the app onto your desktop and switch between the two, making it easy to track your packages regardless of where you find yourself.

Parcel Tracker

This one’s for you Windows Phone users. It’s available on your phone’s store for $2.49 and allows you to track important packages by creating a tile on your phone’s start screen, eliminating the need for you to open the app or check a notification to see where your packages are at any given time. Just wake your phone up and take a peak.

This app also offers the barcode scanning feature found in Package Buddy and supports shipping for over 65 worldwide companies.

There you have it, a shipping app regardless of the type of smartphone you choose to use. There are also dozens more waiting for you, and you can even have one built specifically for your company! Talk to out app geniuses now to see what kind of shipping solutions an app could provide you with.

Parcel Tracker Shipping app