I just finished watching the Henry Blodget/Sheryl Sandberg interview at Business Insider IGNITION 2011. Sandberg played her cards pretty close to the vest during the interview, but this was especially true when talk turned to Facebook’s mobile strategy – particularly for a mobile device. After discussing the Facebook product strategy, Blodget asked Sandberg: ‘Does that include a phone?’

Facebook’s mobile strategy has been week so far, and reports circulated that the company had, for a while, been working on its own mobile device.

Sandberg replied: ‘I won’t comment on speculation. We want Facebook to be on every phone and work with every device manufacturer.’ She spoke of it as a ‘social layer’ across all devices.

Regarding the Facebook phone rumors, Blodget pushed: ‘So, those reports are completely wrong?’

Sandberg continued, ‘I’m not going to speculate. I could spend all my time commenting … I don’t want to bore you.’

Too late.

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Photo: World Economic Forum via Flickr