In the current scenario, it is pretty difficult to find bloggers matching a particular entrepreneur’s demographic. Identifying the suitable blogger is not only the most critical part of influencer marketing, it also takes up the maximum time. Till now there were no solutions to this frequent yet serious problem. Thankfully, some developers have developed an effective solutions namely The Shelf.

The Shelf connects entrepreneurs with the right bloggers/influencers to promote the entrepreneur’s apps. It has a database of a staggering 200,000 bloggers to choose from. The six verticals covered are fashion, beauty, life style, mommy, food and travel. The Shelf is a novel and scalable blogger-brand collaboration platform. The product accurately categorizes the blogger and determines the effectiveness of a promotional campaign. There are plans afoot to include more verticals in the near future. This product is certainly one of its kind.

Leveraging The Shelf’s search engine you can identify matching bloggers in a fraction of the time compared to the time taken by other methods. The Shelf has a host of powerful filters to track down the right influencer.

The Different Filters In The Shelf App

  • Location filter– The location filter searches by country, state, and city. The follower count filter searches by specified social network.
  • Engagement filter– The engagement filter’s criterion is the bloggers having the most active followings.
  • Brand mentions filter– The brand mentions filter’s criteria is brands popular among your app’s demographic.
  • Product price filter-This lets you find bloggers within a price range specific to your apps. You can also filter by most recent activity.
  • Gender filter– If you are handling gender specific apps, the gender filter will help you. The filter can also help pinpoint gender specific entrepreneur’s similar to you.
  • Keyword filter– The keyword filter empowers you to find suitable influencers for niche demographics.
  • Category filter-To search by the vertical specific to your app: fashion, beauty, lifestyle, mommy, travel, and food.

The Shelf’s data-rich profiles are armed with all URLs, social handles, names, follower counts, engagement averages, brand mentions, apps that are linked to, and summaries of recent content. You need not waste your valuable time browsing the internet and scrutinizing each social profile, blog post and “about me” pages.

Blogger Outreach

One of the important modules of The Shelf is Blogger Outreach. This helps identify the most relevant bloggers, craft outreach emails, design campaigns and keep an eye on the entire influencer marketing progress all from a single location. Blogger outreach can lead to unmanageable documentation. Our collections help you keep track of relevant bloggers.

You will be able to dispatch pre-composed outreach emails directly from your dashboard. You can view who has opened your emails as well as the number of times. There is the facility to create campaign pages to elaborate your collaboration ideas. These landing pages are a platform where bloggers can be invited to participate as well as apply.

You can furnish information in the pages such as the type of campaign, schedule, who should apply, your brand information as well as links to your site/social handles. The Shelf’s collections function as a built-in blogger outreach CRM. You can instantly view which stage of the pipeline a contact is at.


The Shelf search engine comes with nine filters to help entrepreneurs get the perfect match. Analytical data helps identify influencers whose audience is most amenable to your apps.

There is real time updation of all profiles, links, social counts, and activity levels so that you don’t get outdated results. There is the feature of monitoring all brand mentions occurring across all social networks. A functionality still in beta stage helps monitor traffic, clicks, virality and purchases which happen because of your campaigns. Downloadable lists, client reports, and analytics are available on request.

In all The Shelf enables entrepreneurs to connect to the right bloggers in a unique way to effectively promote their apps.

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