This week on the Magnet Minute, Amy revisits the Shazam app, discussing how it continues to grow and improve the TV advertising industry.

In a previous episode, we discussed the fundamentals of Shazam as an audio identifier originally made to help you learn more about music you heard throughout the day. You could find out who sang it, wrote it, produced it, and more. But the app has very naturally shifted into the television space, helping to create digital calls-to-action as viewers tune into programming and sit through commercials. As predicted, Shazam is finding favor with advertisers, providing them with some concrete analytics indicating how well their ads are hitting home with consumers.

Traditional media is in a weird place right now, as the digital boom has proven how lackluster the analytics have been thus far, and how difficult it’s been to show any return on investment. And with the creation of DVRs and on-demand programming, it’s much easier for viewers to avoid commercials. Because of that, anything that helps further measure viewer engagement and any calls-to-action that seem to get ads in front of viewers are considered very helpful to advertisers.

Shazam is really a gift to the industry, because it provides a direct call-to-action and lives in the moment of viewing the ad. It has the potential to send viewers directly to the ad’s source, to further engage and learn about the company.

How have you seen advertisers use Shazam in ways that complement what’s being broadcast on TV? Share in the comments!

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