Have you ever signed up for an email list? Many people do this weekly whether it’s at a retail store line or on a web site. Now think, have you ever unsubscribed from an email list that you willingly signed up for?

If you haven’t, you are in the minority of all email users. The question for marketers is how to break this trend? Today, we know that consumers open almost 100% of messages, and now with the introduction of image and video based messaging technology like Rich Media Messaging, we truly have the opportunity to break through the clutter and engage our audience quickly and effectively.

The question is why are users unsubscribing from brand communications? The very simple answer is that brands are pushing a message out to consumers with little to no knowledge about the customer. For example, if a clothing retailer sends female clothing advertisements to a male user, the user is not gaining anything from the communication and will likely opt-out or dismisses the communication. The key to successful marketing campaigns is to provide value to the customer at the right time.

To provide value, brands need to understand their customer through data. By collecting data, a brand can personalize communication with the customer. Personalized content is the future of marketing. An example of personalization is BMW’s MMS campaign that addressed the customer by name, displayed the type of car they bought, down to the color, and recommended the appropriate snow tires for their model. By sending a smart campaign, BMW enjoyed extremely high redemption rates and the customer was pleased to get the message. For an investment of approximately $60,000, BMW generated an additional $45 million in revenues with this mobile campaign! When customers receive relevant and useful messages such as the BMW campaign, they are not classified as “junk” or “spam” as so many other messages are everyday.

Marketers need to embrace the technology that is available today. With CRM systems the data collection potential is at an all time high and should be leveraged to engage our audience. There is no excuse for lazy marketing and the distribution of generic messages to simply hope that something “sticks”. By using this shotgun approach, a brand is alienating their audience.

Value is perceived in several ways, customization and personalization are huge but so is content type. The content needs to be engaging. Over email, engaging content is simple, html emails are common place. Yet email still is not optimized for mobile so the message loses impact on mobile devices. For mobile messaging, SMS is simply too bleak, the best optimized content is delivered via Rich Media Messaging (RMM).

RMM has the ability to send video, images, and text longer than 160 characters to any phone on any carrier and experiences over 97% open rate. There are no data plans, applications, downloads, or links required.

Marketers need to start using value based strategies and high impact tools like Rich Media Messaging to truly connect with customers and achieve tangible results.

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