Who says sales management platforms have to be boring? Sellsy is an intuitive CRM solution that businesses can use for online invoicing, time tracking, purchases, inventory management, collaboration, and help desk management. By combining mobile tools that let salespeople work outside the office with real-time activity management features, Sellsy has been able to develop a sales platform for the modern workplace.

In this Sellsy review, I plan on testing the CRM and ERP solution to find out whether businesses can really increase sales and productivity by switching to the platform. Throughout the review, I will pay close attention to Sellsy’s integrations with popular business apps, along with its intuitive time tracking and expense tracking features.

About Sellsy

Sellsy has managed to combine the most popular features from CRM, invoicing, expense tracking, and time tracking apps in one sales management platform, without cramming everything together in a way that makes it feel jumbled or cluttered. Instead, Sellsy is all about cohesiveness and intuitive design.

Salespeople at small to mid-size companies can use Sellsy to control their business opportunities, create professional documents, and optimize customer conversions. Sellsy’s CRM and ERP solutions are built in a way that anyone with a Gmail or Facebook account should recognize, making it possible for new users to master the platform in as little as just a few hours.

Main Functionality of Sellsy

Within the Sellsy platform, users can find dozens of tools that fall within the category of sales management. Possibly to most useful of Sellsy’s tools involves customer relationships management. Users can manage business opportunities for both current clients and potential clients. They can also segment opportunities by marketing source, which is useful when determining where potential clients came from (search engines, tradeshow meetings, referrals, etc.).

Once client relationships have been established, Sellsy users can turn their estimates into invoices using the platform’s automated tools. Sellsy offers automatic invoicing — where invoices are directly sent to clients — or “human validation,” in which users have the option to look for errors and make small adjustments before their monthly bills are sent out. Selected invoices can also be set to “recurring,” with salespeople themselves controlling the duration and intervals of all the ongoing invoices they submit.

Sellsy provides business with real-time sales insights, displaying the latest comments from employees alongside lists of pending tasks, expenses, and other vital records. Sellsy’s commenting feature is just one of many group collaboration tools. Every action performed by a salesperson inside the Sellsy platform is recorded, making it easy for managers and other executive personnel to know when estimates, invoices, and purchase orders have been sent and received.

Benefits of Using Sellsy

Sellsy is far from the only CRM or ERP platform on the market. What separates this web-application from competitors is its intuitive design and innovative features. New users can get started tracking sales pipelines in just a few hours, and with minimal training necessary. Meanwhile, the platform connects to many of the most popular business apps, including Dropbox, Mailchimp, Google Apps, Drupal, and WordPress.

Visualization tools make it easy for Sellsy users to understand where their projects are at currently and what issues are preventing those projects from moving forward. The platform’s ERP tools are also useful for inventory and supplier management, as well as live margins. The real-time nature of Sellsy ensures that users always have access to updated information.

The Basics: What Does the Interface Look Like?

The first place you’ll want to visit when using Sellsy is the Activity Dashboard. From this page, you can access all of your most important business records. Keep a close eye your company’s finances by tracking sales, late payments, payments received, pending estimates, and signed estimates from this one central page.

sellsy review

Creating estimates is a central part of the business process for the majority of Sellsy users. To create your first estimate, just enter basic client information (including contact details) and select a pricing category. List individual items to add to your estimate, or enter “scanner mode” to easily fill in your documents with a barcode scanner. Smart contextual menus make estimate creation a breeze.

sellsy review

Click the “Contacts” tab to view a list of current clients, sortable by name or searchable by keyword. Sellsy automatically takes the address information you’ve entered and uses it to populate a map that shows exactly where your contacts are located throughout the world.

sellsy review

Another important tool is the CRM pipelines management add-on, allowing client follow-up in a very practical pipeline view, where opportunities can be moved with a simple drag and drop.


Last but not least, Sellsy offers an helpdesk add-on, making support tickets following totally integrated in the system: each ticket received from a client is directly attached and can be easily shared among co-workers.


Support Information

Sellsy offers an extensive Help Center, providing users with answers to virtually any question they could come up with. Browse Sellsy’s support articles by category or search by keyword. To find answers to more specific questions, Sellsy encourages users to contact its support staff via email at [email protected] Support is responsive and completely free. Online demos or setup calls are available on demand.

Pricing Information

Pricing for Sellsy is based on optional add-ons, which means companies only pay for the features they use. Main subscriptions start at $30.90 per month. Users who opt for a six-month plan can get one month free; 12-month plans come with two months free. Individual add-on features (like CRM prospection licenses and inventory management) range in price from $7.50 to $20 per month. Teams also have the option to pay $7.50 per user, per month to get access to Sellsy’s collaboration tools.

The Bottom Line

Sellsy is a 360-degree visual pipeline and sales management solution. The platform’s scalable CRM and ERP features are ideal for companies of all sizes. Users can get a complete overview of their companies’ performance from a central dashboard page, and they can control their business opportunities with Sellsy’s pipelines management module. Although Sellsy is designed primarily for desktop use, the platform also offers a native application for Android and iOS users with smartphones and tablets.

Ratings: ease of use 5/5, features 4/5, value 5/5