SeeDance is an IPhone application that allows users to find dance related businesses and events based on their geographic location or search queries. The app, which was developed by Dance Channel TV, has been public for over four months and still has a lot potential for growth. It allows users to search for dance companies, education facilities, events, merchandisers, and other services within up to 20 miles of a zip code or city. SeeDance allows for international searches as well.

I think that this app is a great idea but was shocked when I began browsing the site and found that the small town that I live in (Eugene, Oregon) has more dance businesses listed than the big city (San Diego, California) that I’m from! Upon several search attempts I was only able to find one dance business in San Diego and five in Eugene. There are many more dance businesses that have not yet been listed on SeeDance and it’s time for this to change! What good is an application if there is not enough information for its users to access it effectively?

Dance businesses can list their event or studio location on the SeeDance website by clicking the “List With Us” tab. Anyone and everyone with a dance business should begin to list on SeeDance because it’s free! However, there are fees for basic, premium and showcase listings, which increase the level of information available to application users. Free listings include the business name, address, phone number and rating. However, for only $5 a year, a company can add their website and e-mail. The options increase as the price goes up.

Those who don’t have an IPhone to download the application can access SeeDance via An application can also be downloaded onto ITunes for free. I hope to see more and more listings added to SeeDance as it can be a great resource for people who are traveling, or are settling in to a new city looking for a place to dance. It can even be used by people who are not dancers and are simply looking for an interesting dance-related event to attend on a Friday night!

Have you ever used the SeeDance application? What did you think of it? What would you change, if anything?