Ready, set, launch?

The days leading up to your app launch can be extremely hectic. From building out your app store listing page to finalizing app functionality, you need to juggle many things to get ready. And in the midst of all that juggling, it can be easy to forget one of the most integral parts of launching your app: an app user acquisition strategy.

What exactly is an app user acquisition strategy? It’s a plan that’s implemented alongside the launch of your app to boost discoverability and encourage people to download and use your app. According to research, the app store gains 1,000 new apps per day. So if you expect your app to get noticed without a sufficient marketing strategy, think again. In fact, not having an app acquisition strategy is one of the defining factors of why apps fail.

Below are some short and sweet answers to three common questions people have about app user acquisition strategies to help guide you in the right direction:

What exactly is an app user acquisition strategy?

App acquisition focuses on attracting new users to your app. The tactics of app acquisition include boosting your app’s discoverability through app store optimization, paid advertisements to targeted audiences, organic search, and more.

How is it different from remarketing?

Remarketing targets current or lapsed app users to return to your app. Using profile and behavioral data, app marketers send highly personalized campaigns to try and entice these users back into the app. Remarketing can take many forms from paid search engine display ads to social campaigns.

Can’t I wait until after my app launches to worry about a user acquisition strategy?

Nope! That would be as detrimental as taking a four hour break during the second leg of a marathon (you’ll fall behind!).Your user acquisition strategy and app should launch in conjuction so you can drive press coverage, social conversations, and targeted traffic to your app store listing on day one. Launching your user acquisition strategy late would allow your competitors to get a head start in the race for engaged users.

Besides, it just makes sense to set your app up for success from day one. With competition on the rise and no end in sight to the spike in app development, sending your app out into the world without a user acquisition strategy is an extremely risky bet. A bet you can’t afford to take after the steep investment of both time and money it took to create your app.

How do I create a solid app user acquisition campaign?

From paid ads to app store optimization, there are many elements that make up a successful app user acquisition strategy. Naturally, it’s hard to know where to start. That’s why we’ve created a comprehensive online guide that walks through all the key components of a solid user acquisition strategy. Use it as a roadmap to earn new, engaged users.

Click below to unlock the secrets to a rock solid app user acquisition strategy and avoid being just another fish in the endless app sea: