Samsung had launched its amazing Samsung Galaxy S4 almost a year back. That device perfectly landed into marketplace with improvements on S3 model. Now rumors are that Samsung would launch Galaxy S5 soon. Yes, if Samsung wants to continue its momentum in market share, they have to launch new model.

Since we are expecting new model in a matter of weeks, it’s high time to look at what we expect from the new model. This article is all about Samsung Galaxy S5 and contains information about specs, price and release date.

Expected Specs

The information we obtained about Samsung Galaxy S5 represents that it would come in two models: We are not sure whether Samsung would launch both these models under different names or not. Rumors are that metal version would be branded as Samsung Galaxy F while plastic version would be Samsung Galaxy S5.

The more we go in depth; we get to know that metal version would have replaceable battery. The screen resolution would be 2560 x 1440 AMOLED display. The size of screen would be increased from 5in to 5.25—smaller than Galaxy Note 3. We do expect improvements in camera section of the device. If it is 13 MP rear camera in Samsung Galaxy S4 and S5 should offer up to 16 MP. Currently Samsung has two choices for processor that are Qualcomm chip and Exynos 5.

Expected Release Date

There are lots of rumors about release date but most authentic expected release date of Samsung Galaxy S5 in last quarter of this month followed by Mobile World Conference.

Battery Life

Battery life is one of the most important features of smartphone. It is expected that Galaxy S5 would come up with long lasting and ‘charge faster’ battery. PhoneArena indicates that the new device would bring 2,900mAh battery.


Rumors are that Samsung is not going to increase the size of phone screen in new model. The screen size would be closer to Galaxy Note 3. Instead they are going to increase resolution.

Samsung typically uses Super AMOLED for its flagship phones, so we can expect same technology in S5 model.

Operating System

Samsung Galaxy S5 would likely to come with Android 4.4 KitKat which is latest version of mobile operating system. The newest version of mobile operating system has better integration with cloud along with support on right hardware.


All the reports indicate that Samsung would ship the new device with 64-bit processor. There are rumors that Samsung has finalized deal with ARM to build 64-bit chip for Samsung Galaxy S5.


Samsung Galaxy S4 had 13 MP camera but other phones such as Xperia Z1 and Lumia 1020 are into the market with 20 MP and 41 MP cameras respectively. No doubt, Samsung would improve its rear camera. Galaxy S5 could be using ISOCELL sensor technology. This new technology provides you better results producing sharp images with less noise.

Eye Scanner

Samsung always offers something exceptional in its software features. It is expected that Samsung would add eye scanning security in new model to go step further. Since Apple and HTC are putting more emphasis on security, Samsung would definitely do something in this regard.


Since Apple keeps the same price structure, we can expect that Samsung Galaxy S5 would be of same cost as of Galaxy S4.

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