The increasing impact that mobile is having on everyday consumers and businesses is indisputable. Mobility is transforming the way we do business by increasing workers’ productivity and enabling them to respond quickly to market changes and opportunities as they arise while lowering costs.

With BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), workers now have everything they need in the palm of their hand, providing them with a sense of empowerment and more agility than ever before. While every aspect of business is influenced by mobility, sales forces in particular have become revamped by the mobile revolution.

Mutual Mobile, provider of sales enablement solutions, created the infographic below to explain how mobile is enabling a “supercharged sales force,” helping increase revenue, create a better buying experience and make better business decisions.

According to Mutual Mobile, mobile devices are quickly becoming an essential part of every sales and marketing organization, with “90% of organizations considering mobile sales enablement to be a top priority.” Why? Because those who take advantage of mobile technology receive tremendous benefits and a competitive advantage, as Mutual Mobile discovered:

  • 23% more firms report meeting their sales quotes when employed a sales mobile strategy
  • Organizations say mobile CRM delivers a 60% increase in customer satisfaction, a more customized buying experience tailored to customer needs and improved data accuracy which foster greater trust from customers
  • The sales team gain real-time access to the right information and sales, which helps them win more deals
  • Sales processes become more streamlined provided, helping the sales team spend more timing selling and increasing productivity
  • Provides comprehensive analytics that lead to better business decisions and less wasted time and money, so that the sales team can sell smarter

To learn more about the benefits mobile provided to sales organizations and their customers, check out Mutual Mobile’s infographic below.