Taxi apps are increasingly becoming a part of the way we call a taxi and rightly so. Since the arrival of the first of these apps in the UK we’ve seen a significant change in the way business is being done and far greater ease getting a taxi when needs be.

So, let’s take a closer look at how these apps benefit people and also in a lot of ways taxi drivers.


One of the major positives of the taxi app is down to the speed of finding a taxi. Simply, enter the app and it will find and order a taxi to your location, using your GPS as a way of finding you. The amazing thing is that instead of having to wait, flag down (possibly fail to do so) and get into a vehicle, the taxi app does most of that for you. It simply will notify the nearest free taxi in your vicinity of your presence and order it to come collect you using your GPS coordinates – not having to give the drive instructions.

For the taxi driver it’s also fantastic as it means they won’t have to sit in their cab or drive around idly looking for a fare. The app gets in touch with them and they simply follow the coordinates and go and pick up the far – a notable time and effort saver. In essence it cuts out the taxi finding issue for the individual and the fare finding problem for the taxi driver.


The app itself is simply downloaded onto either an Apple IOS phone or an Android device, easily done and easy to set up. Users simply open the app and follow the on-screen instructions to book the cab and are able to input a number of variables when ordering to ensure that the taxi they get is suitable for the number of people, time and the sort of person ordering it.

How Taxi Apps Utilise GPS

The satellite navigation factor is such a significant one with these apps and it allows the taxi driver ease when finding the fare. It also is great for the traveller too as they can simply track the taxi and its whereabouts and will know how long it will be before it arrives, where it is presently and other information too. It offers peace of mind and is great if you need to plan around a time schedule.


So, how do you pay? Well, it’s quite simple. You simply add your credit, debit or PayPal and in some cases BitCoin details to the app itself and when your fare arrives at the destination, it’s simply a case of confirming that you’ve arrived and are happy to pay the fare. It’s as simple as entering the app and means there’s no worries about having cash on you or having to find and ATM to get money out or any other similar worries.

Taxi apps have proven themselves to be a fantastic addition to the world of travel and have made taxiing a lot easier. These are merely a few of the significant benefits they bring to those who download and utilise them.