Everyday somebody find new outlets, programs, technology and different software how to use it to make human lives easier and more comfortable.

What is this mobile project about?

For instance, recently one interesting project has started to be worked out. It’s connected with remote control of electrical appliances. The idea of this project is to connect these appliances to a network using an intermediate outlet. Moreover, you can operate it directly with a mobile phone and you need not any additional controllers of ‘smart house’.

Such kind of equipment has been already delivered for a long time ago. However, the main feature of this project that makes it different and unique is a possibility to manage everything with a mobile phone but not a console panel or something like this. Almost all the time you have mobile phone and you can use a feedback to watch over the condition of the electrical appliance on your phone display.

We’re not going to write an essay, we just want to explain how does it work.

How does this mobile project work?

The checking a gadget-outlet is provided within range of the Bluetooth technology (only in an apartment). But now you can do it only if you have a mobile phone with an operation system Android 2.2+. In future it can be spread also to other platforms such as Windows Phone and Windows 8.

When you push the button on Android-phone it sends a special signal to an outlet via Bluetooth. The outlet receives this ‘message’ and a contact closes or opens. Finally, the appliance connected to this outlet turn on or off.

What the advantages of this mobile project?

The outlet is fitted out with the built-in timer-clock that you can set it to auto turn off or after some period of time. These settings are good for those electrical appliances that you can forget to switch off (for example, an iron, TV set or an electrical stove). You can link up this outlet with a kettle, a disc center, a lamp, a heater and other appliances, everything you want.

For this project the special software for Android mobile phones and outlets was developed and improved.