The cost of acquiring a new customer can be six to seven times higher than retaining an existing one, which is why small businesses are increasingly searching for marketing tools built to increase repeat sales. Remarkety is one such tool, providing small businesses with a way to increase sales from their existing customers with email marketing activities.

In this Remarkety review, I will look at a few of the platform’s straightforward marketing strategies and tools. Throughout the review, I plan on paying close attention to Remarkety’s advanced marketing features and online rewards program to determine how these tools can help small businesses win back inactive customers and recover abandoned carts.

About Remarkety

Remarkety is an email marketing and automation tool that small businesses can use to drive repeat sales and maximize revenue from existing customers. Remarkety handles all the heavy lifting when it comes to managing email marketing campaigns, telling business owners what types of messages are most likely to drive sales, and when those specific messages should be sent. By connecting their online store to Remarkety and utilizing a series of customizable templates based on the best marketing practices, business owners can dramatically increase sales with a minimal financial investment.

Main Functionality of Remarkety

After a quick setup, Remarkety can analyze the company’s historic data and recommend the specific marketing activities most likely to drive sales among existing customers.

Business owners can quickly activate the activities Remarkety suggests. A few examples of the activities Remarkety might recommend include sending “wake-up call” emails to inactive customers, creating an online rewards program, requesting feedback on certain products, or contacting buyers who have abandoned their carts and failed to complete purchases over certain dollar amounts. Business owners also have the option to test and adjust activities before launching any new campaigns.

Remarkety sends all these messages, so businesses don’t have to, and automatically tracks the results of its email campaigns. Business owners can review open rates, click rates, and the all-important ROI of their online marketing activities at any time. They can also take steps to improve their ongoing campaigns with Remarkety’s tips for continuous optimization.

Benefits of Using Remarkety

Automation is at the heart of Remarkety’s platform. Business owners can effectively increase engagement, interaction, and conversions on their websites with minimal effort, since Remarkety’s entire system is fully automated and ready-to-use. Not only does Remarkety recommend specific marketing activities based on a company’s historical data, but the platform is also able to optimize activities and campaigns based on performance and actual results.

Business owners can easily determine whether Remarkety is living up to their expectations, and whether they are generating a positive ROI, by reviewing the performance of their activities. Companies can clearly see how much money they have made as a direct result of their Remarkety campaigns — like email messages and rewards programs — without having to do any math or advanced calculations.

Remarkety guarantees that businesses will see an increase in sales when they use its email marketing platform. If for any reason a company decides to stop using the product after three months, Remarkety will completely refund all previous payments.

The Basics: What Does the Interface Look Like?

Visit the dashboard page to see an overview of all the activities you currently have running. From this single page, you can see how much income you’ve generated as a result of your Remarkety campaigns, along with total sales, repeat sales, and the number of shoppers you’ve been able to target.


Create a new campaign based on Remarkety’s recommendations. The platform allows you to select the type of campaign you’ll run, and customize the conditions under which a campaign email will be triggered. Select the number of days between a customer’s last order and when the next promotional offer should be sent. You can also tell Remarkety not to send emails to customers who’ve received other promotional materials from your company in the past week.


Edit the email template being sent to your customers, making sure to choose which dynamic fields should be included. Remarkety lets you send test emails to yourself before any new campaign becomes active.

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Support Information

New users are encouraged to contact Remarkety directly via a live chat widget, or through the platform’s extensive knowledge base. Users can stay up-to-date on announcements inside Remarkety’s customer service community, where they can browse articles by topic or search by keyword. For more detailed answers to their individual questions, users are encouraged to email Remarkety directly at [email protected] Remarkety’s team responds to messages within several hours of receipt.

Pricing Information

Pricing for Remarkety varies depending on the number of customers registered at a company’s store. The company offers a free 30-day trial with no credit card necessary. The platform is totally free for businesses with zero to 500 registered customers. From there, prices range from $30 per month (for 501 to 3,000 customers) up to $99 per month (for 20,001 to 50,000 customers). Larger businesses with more advanced needs are encouraged to contact Remarkety directly for specific pricing information. Remarkety does not charge any setup fees or hidden costs. Businesses can pay as they go, and they can cancel at any time.

The Bottom Line

Remarkety is a fantastic tool that small businesses can use to target existing customers with effective email marketing campaigns. Open rates and click-through rates are much higher with Remarkety than with traditional email marketing vendors, in part because Remarkety’s messages are always targeted based on a customer’s previous purchases.

Remarkety also differentiates itself from competing platforms by constantly guiding users through the process, from the earliest stages of getting set up through the later stages of actively managing ongoing campaigns. The platform continues to provide businesses with recommendations each week based on real-time data, letting companies know what they can do to improve their current campaigns and what types of campaigns they should launch in the future.

Ratings: ease of use 5/5, features 5/5, value 5/5