Among its plethora of announcements, Google at its conference I / O 2016 unveiled “Android Instant Apps “, available in beta, and allowing to launch an application without even having it installed.

This novelty could challenge many things for SEO and web marketers in the months and years to come as it radically changes the user experience of mobile users with regard to apps.

And even if today is only a beta on Android, if the functionality keeps its promises and is widely adopted, there is no doubt that Apple will follow and integrate it into iOS.

Android Instant Apps, explanations

I can access the content and features of an Android application without having it installed, in the same way that I load a web page.

So I could run an application from an NFC tag, share application content with people who do not have the app, such as a shopping cart or product listing.

Instant Apps could change everything!

An application that loads a web page without going through the AppStore box? This is an attempt to “real” the web and mobile convergence, and the video above shows real potential in e-commerce and social sharing.

Reflections, questions, and assumptions

In SEO, what will be the place of Instant Apps vis-à-vis conventional sites? After Mobile addon, are you moving to mobile SERPs filled with applications?

Knowing that ChromeBooks are launching Android applications, could the Chrome browser in the near future launch Android applications to replace their website?

If the functionality of Instant Apps was also adopted by Apple and Microsoft, what would then become responsive design, mobile versions of our good old websites?

Will a standard (much like be created to simplify implementations across all application environments and websites?

Many ethical issues also arise, as mobile applications are systematically validated by Apple and Google Stores.

Going further with Instant Apps

If you are an Android developer, you can now join the beta program.

A great evolution at DeepLinking / App Indexing

Until today we had only Deep Linking and it was already great to be able to connect our websites to our applications (iOS and Android Friendly). Especially for SEO themes were tapped keywords are carried out largely in a mobility situation.

Some powerful services like provide the marketer with a very important panel of possibility. With this type of tool after a click, you can send the user to the store to download your application if it is browsing on mobile, but does not yet own it, or open a Google Deep Linked Ads on it if the application User has already installed it! Similarly, it identifies computer users not to unnecessarily sending them on the page of a store (IOS or Android are recognized automatically), but on the web page that you desire.

In short, depending on how your customers connect to your service, computer or mobile, your link will react differently! It is the perfect solution for a highly efficient user experience.

Catching session on DeepLinking and App Indexing

On a request made from a mobile, your site is replaced by your mobile application. Screens of your mobile application can also be made accessible through HTTP links. However, for many app developers it still difficult to figure out how to configure and manage Google deep linked Ads.

The advanced deep linking tools make it possible to link all platforms together in the lightest possible way, its use is now mandatory to ensure the best user experience to your customers. Always focus on improving the user experience, you will get better retention and therefore more growth.

Increase facilities

In case the user does not have the application installed, an “install” link is put forward referring to the Play Store or Apple’s AppStore, (this is precisely what Android Instant Apps comes from Improve by removing a click of the equation).

Have users who have already installed your app

In case the user has already installed the application, the result of the Google SERPs returns directly within the application. This works on both branded and off-brand requests.

Having tested quickly on iPhone, I noticed that the same link did not behave in the same way: the link of the Google SERPs returns to the site of Twitter, then after opening the mobile site, Open the same page in the application. (One more click with iOS, on mobile, it is for now less cool).

What do you think?

I think Android Instant Apps will work, and even if it is only the beginning, that there is not yet standard between Facebook, Google, and Apple, that this would really be desirable, I will really want to know what You think about it, so do not hesitate, comments are made for that!