business appsAs we’ve observed in previous posts, the time is right for small businesses to go mobile in 2014. Given the amount of traffic on the mobile web, if mobile isn’t considered a necessity in your niche today, it soon will be. And statistics and polls show that mobile activity continues to increase in almost every area – app downloads, usage, mobile web browsing, mobile purchasing – so the mobile first world is fast-becoming a reality.

There are, however, some that are still not convinced, so here are a few more great reasons to go mobile in 2014!

You’ll miss out on leads if you don’t

When it comes to mobile search, about 40% of users will head to a competitor’s site if they can’t find you on the mobile web. “No problem!” you say, “I’ve got a website, and modern smartphones can browse the web and display pages with no problem!”

Except there is a problem – mobile optimization is a must. In fact, a majority of users won’t recommend a business after a bad mobile experience. And a non-mobile-optimized site almost always leads to a bad experience on the little screen.

This means that when you don’t have a mobile-optimized site, you’re missing out on leads. Why cut off a portion of your target market unnecessarily?

Unfortunately, your image will suffer without mobile

This is becoming more and more prevalent – for a lot of users, if a business doesn’t have an app and mobile website, it seems not only like they’re “not with it,” but also like they don’t take customer satisfaction seriously. Successful businesses often look for as many avenues as possible to connect with and engage customers. Currently, people are spending hours and hours on their mobile devices, and so mobile is a natural fit for businesses looking to meet their market where they are.

More mobile = more revenue

Mobile websites and apps present a wealth of opportunities to generate revenue. Mobile ordering, push notifications with new offers, and even a simple address lookup function all can lead to more business for your company. Essentially, the more opportunities to connect with a user you have, the more opportunities to generate revenue you have, and nothing connects like mobile right now.

It’s easy!

Going mobile is not hard. You don’t have to hire a digital wizard and shell out big bucks. With Bizness Apps, you can have a mobile website and an app up and running for $59/month. And you don’t have to be tech savvy – our platform walks you through everything in a simple step-by-step fashion.