No doubt you have been hearing about QR codes, those funny black and white square boxes you see on ads, billboards and more recently, even on television commercials. If you subscribe to our updates then you know that we talk a lot about this on the Go Time Marketing Blog.

And for good reason. They are becoming a “must have” compliment to any traditional marketing source like print, tv and billboards.

If you have already launched a campaign or two for your product/business and are wondering why you aren’t getting that much traffic….

There are many ways you can screw up a QR Code Campaign:

Don’t send the customers who scan directly to your Home Page!

This is one of the 7 deadly sins of online marketing. Target the landing page where you send them to an offer that is perfectly aligned with the campaign goals.

  • Is it to provide more information in exchange for an email address?
  • Is it to sign up for an event, contest or webinar?
  • How about a secret “unlock” code or fantastic coupon?

Tell them what they can expect when they scan.

Many QR codes are passed over because they are vague or unrecognizable. (Yes there are some people out there who still do not know what a QR code is.)
Give them the offer value statements that entice them to scan.

Make your QR code stand out from the rest.

Did you know that QR Codes do not have to be static images? You can play around with them and use many creative flairs to bring in potential customers.  Did you know that QR Codes can be made out of food and are still scan-able?  The possibilities are endless. Another good tip is to get your brand into the QR code.

Test those codes!

One reason a campaign with QR codes might fail is that people often overlook this crucial step.

  • Be sure to test your codes to see if they work, test as many times as it take to make a seamless experience for your customer. Test your codes and then test them again for every single platform you can.

These tips should help you get started on a having a successful campaign with QR Codes.

Do you have any questions about QR codes? Are you wondering how you can use them in your business? Just contact us at Go Time Marketing by phone, email or by our chatting with us online. We can help you turn a regular marketing campaign into a successful one.