MillerCoors has come up with an innovative way to encourage consumers to enjoy their products responsibly: QR codes.

They’re partnering up with bars and restaurants in the Seattle area to become part of their “Click-It-2-Ride” program. The program includes placing QR codes in participating establishments that, when scanned, link directly to a taxi company. Scanning the QR code lets a consumer quickly and easily speed dial a cab and links to information about safe drinking.

Perhaps MillerCoors will expand their QR code Click-It-2-Ride program to all states once they see if their initial efforts in Seattle have been a success. Anything that promotes safe drinking – through the holidays and beyond – is a smart move for a beer distributor like MillerCoors.

Plus, it makes it convenient for bar and restaurant patrons to dial up a cab, keeping themselves and everyone around them safe. Sounds like a win for everyone involved!