Scan-and-buy QR code grocery store

Commuters in Chicago are enjoying a new, fast way of grocery shopping thanks to the QR code grocery stores inside two of their train stations. Instead of having to rush to the store after work or battle big crowds on the weekend, commuters can view pictures of grocery products, scan the applicable QR code to order them, and have them delivered the next day.

According to Mobile Marketer, “[Peapod’s QR code grocery stores are located in] Chicago’s State and Lake Station Tunnel. The tunnel walls are wrapped with larger-than-life ads of grocery store shelves stocked with popular products such as Coca-Cola, Barilla and items from Procter & Gamble.”

Bryan Laurienti, co-owner of BBB Systems, said he thinks Peapod’s QR-code grocery store is a great example of how mobile technology can add convenience into our busy lives. “Peapod’s virtual store program for commuter rail stations is a creative, convenient way for passengers to multi-task and knock out their grocery shopping on the go,” says Mobile Marketer. “It helps turn commuting time into productive time.”

Tell us: Would you like to see a QR code grocery store in your city?