The future is here and it’s upwardly mobile…

According to Mary Meeker the mobile trend is increasing – “While user growth on the Internet is slowing, dipping below 10%, mobile is heating up, especially when it comes to tablets. Mobile data traffic grew 81%, helped, in large part, by video.”

Mobile devices present a challenge for companies that encourage the use of personal devices for work purposes and for the companies that don’t. The recent BYOD (bring your own device) trend means multiple devices are in use across organisations, with employer and employee-owned devices in constant use. With this in mind, how can employers implement a policy that embraces employees using the devices they feel comfortable with while also ensuring that valuable data is not lost?

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For anyone that has to switch between using a PC at work and a Mac at home (or the other way round) will understand the frustrations of attempting simultaneous proficiency in both. By allowing employees to use the devices and applications of their choosing it often increases productivity through familiarity.

It’s often the case that many employees are already accessing company data on their personal devices. This can be in the form of checking and sending emails via their personal laptop or smartphone. Therefore it’s wise to have an open discussion about the technology employee’s uses and the best ways to protect valuable company data. This discussion is the first step in implementing effective technology policy in the workplace.

The financial industry is not one to be left behind – asset managers are keen to jump on the mobile technology bandwagon, using products ranging from Blackberry and Android to iPhone and iPad. Think about all the valuable and sensitive data about hedge funds, stocks and clients information that is shared among these devices…

How can this valuable and sensitive company data be protected? Asset managers need a robust CRM software platform that provides mobile integration, security while also fulfilling management requirements. By implementing hedge fund CRM software across all devices (both company and employee owned) employers can be assured that staff members are using software that will ensure the information is both protected and easily shared across the organisation, where required.

Companies that support the use of personal devices for business purposes have a better chance of protecting themselves against loss of data and valuable client information.