in app ad Since the world has already acknowledged incredible perspectives in mobile marketing, the concept of in-app advertising remains in focus as well. Even though the niche is well-known and more or less occupied for long, there’s no visible evidence that the popularity and effectiveness of ads in mobile applications are likely to decrease with time.

Present in-app ad trends

As some of recent research unveils, global tablet and smartphone purchase rates are constantly rising, even though the market is highly competitive these days. Much because of that, advertising campaigns within mobile applications are still hot alike in the US, Canada and Europe or Asia, for instance. In this respect, iOS and Android applications are, logically, ahead in terms of efficiency, as much as iPhones, iPads and Android devices stay at the top of users’ ratings.

The core decisive factors, influencing in-app ad campaign performance, are recognized to include:

• Fast ad delivery
• Correct ad display on different device models
• Ad quality
• Ad relevancy

Future tendencies

The experts admit that in-app advertising is likely to be a popular segment in Q3-Q4, 2013 and 2014 as well. Such optimistic perspectives are mostly affected by latest surveys, which show that users prefer downloading free apps (that usually include ads), rather than the prepaid ones. The most peculiar tendencies, concerning in-app advertising segment, are generally named as the following:

• Fast ad delivery
• Innovative ad formats, creative ad messaging
• Correct ad display, high relevancy

The mentioned factors, which increase in-app ad campaign effectiveness, presuppose careful planning from the side of a marketing team and the smart choice of an ad serving platform to work with. The latter turns out absolutely indispensable, especially when it comes to large-scale ad campaigns, as it simplifies campaign launch & management routine, increases ad cost-effectiveness.

What should be considered in a potential ad platform to partner:

• In-app ad serving features (campaign management, optimization)
• Specific targeting
• Partnership with CDNs
• A wide range of mobile-specific ad formats
• Pricing

Who to opt for?

It’s possible to choose one of the large ad serving companies on the market, e.g. Doubleclick, which have already proven their reputation, in case your ad budget can cover the costs. It’s also possible to opt for younger, yet equally trustworthy companies, like Epom, which have already got a large client base in different parts of the world, provide a vast array of beneficial features happen to offer more flexible pricing options.

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