With every operating system update that comes up, people wonder what there is to look forward to as far as the update goes. Some of these updates in the past have had crashed phones and the most recent crashes of phones has happened with iOS9 that Apple recently came out with. All system updates have their pros and cons however, even iOS8 which was called the buggiest update of all time had some positive features. The following are some things to love about iOS9 and some things to watch out for.

ios9 update

Some Things You’ll Like

iOS9 has made viewing news articles easier and better than ever with a great layout. All that has to be done is setting favorites in the app so the user can see the news that interests them. The “back button” is great for those who switch apps frequently with quite a few open. The days of double tapping the home button and searching for an open app are over! The note app has always been a bit of a disappointment to many but now this app has been taken to another level.

Checklists are easily made and links or photos can be added to the note. With iCloud this updates the note on all of your devices. The Maps app now has a feature where the user can use public transportation using the app as their guide. This shows subways, trains, and buses in the area which can be good if traveling to a new city.

Siri has also been updated with the ability to show the user photos from specific dates with a simple command. With all of the cybercrime in the world today, iOS9 has improved security making it more difficult for others to use your devices without your Apple ID and password.

Things To Watch Out For

If you are the owner of an older iPhone or iPad then watch out when downloading iOS9. The iOS9 has had a significant amount of phones crash much like iOS8 which did much of the same. This is not the tone Apple wants to set with their users as new operating systems coming out have invoked fear in some users rather than excitement. Some users even had problems downloading the update at all and received an error message when trying to update their devices.

Experts have said this error message could have to do with Apple’s servers being overloaded with many people trying to update their devices at the same time. Other complaints were an unresponsive touch screen which renders the phone nearly useless although this can be remedied by double tapping the home screen then closing the apps you have open.

As you can see, there are many things to like about the new iOS9 update but also some things to watch out for. It is possible that Apple can come out with an update that will alleviate the stress of the last two updates. The company wants to set higher expectations for the customer with a great product whether it be in an operating system update or next iPhone. Apple needs to hit a home run with consumers with whatever their next release is or the company could see customers going elsewhere for their digital needs.

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