Promys PSA Review – With real-time inventory management and order fulfillment capabilities, Promys PSA makes it easier to track projects and support related work orders throughout their lifecycles

For big customers handling big projects, proper planning and forecasting are incredibly important. Promys PSA offers cloud-based professional services automation software with built-in quoting tools. The solution can be utilized by organizations to meet CRM, quoting, billing, purchasing, project management, service management, help desk, resource scheduling, time tracking, expense tracking, inventory tracking, and forecasting needs.

In this Promys PSA review, I will walk readers through the web-based solution and describe a few of Promys PSA’s key features. With a focus on the benefits that Promys PSA offers to large organizations, I will then provide my recommendation as to whether Promys PSA is a solution worth checking out.

Promys PSA Review – About the Solution

Originally created in 1997, Promys PSA is a robust enterprise professional services automation solution developed for larger IT providers worldwide. Because the pursuits of these businesses are often quite large, Promys PSA has created a system that enables people to make decisions based on what is forecasted to happen in the future combined with what is happening right now. Current quote versions are linked to forecasts, which means any updates made to quotes automatically adjusts the margin and revenue forecasts that an organization has put together.

Promys PSA does more than just automate operational functions, the solution automates the entire operational business process. Resource scheduling, time and expense tracking, and even help desk support can all be managed seamlessly through Promys PSA’s web-based platform. Using Promys PSA’s tools, organizations are able to discover things like why their field resources aren’t more billable, why they are incurring unnecessary overtime costs, and what they could be doing to make their service contracts more profitable.

Main Functionality of Promys PSA

When it comes to resource planning functionality, Promys PSA takes a unique approach. The solution links together quotes and forecasts—along with other PSA software modules, like CRM, service management, project management, help desk management, resource scheduling, time and expense tracking, and inventory tracking—to enable large businesses to make split-second decisions driven by current quote versions.

Promys PSA takes the detailed labor and material estimates from the quotes that users have created, and compares it real-time to the actuals as projects are delivered, a process that is made automatic and seamless because the estimates and the actuals are linked together inside Promys PSA’s SaaS platform. As a result, Promys PSA knows what the cost against budget performance of the project is real-time, rather than waiting until 30 or 60 days after the close of a project to find out what the actual profit margin was—after manually comparing the final invoice to labor estimates. With Promys PSA project managers can track whether or not they’re on target along every step of the way.

Benefits of Using Promys PSA

As projects get bigger, the risks get bigger. Large businesses can’t afford to guess what their actual project margins will ultimately be. Promys PSA understands this well, which is why the company has developed tools aimed squarely at meeting the needs of organizations with 40 or more employees. A company with 40+ employees has a completely different requirement set than a company with ten or fewer employees, as larger organizations are more likely to have multiple lines of business, multiple locations, specialized resources and handle projects that are substantially more complex and larger in size.

The Basics: What Does the Interface Look Like?

Promys PSA forecasts the hours by specialized labor type based on the quotes that you generate. As a result, Promys PSA can forecast how many hours of each resource type you’re going to need 30-60-90 days from now, and once the order is won, compare those estimates to actuals as time sheets get turned in. This provides insight into the labor cost against budget performance of your project in real-time.

Project performance information

Promys PSA provides real-time Project Costing reporting, comparing estimates to actuals for project materials, labor and support. This type of real-time functionality is unique to Promys PSA, as it provides an early warning system to PMs if their projects are headed off track. Most other solutions only allow project managers to run autopsies 30 days after their projects have closed to determine what went wrong, which is an expensive way to engage in continuous improvement.

Project Costing on real-time project performance

Because Promys PSA is tracking so much detail, the reports that you generate through the platform are very robust. For example, with your Revenue Analysis Reports, you’ll see where the margin of profitability is going to come from by customer, by line of business, by manufacturer or by product type, to fund future growth.

Revenue analysis window

Support Information

Promys PSA offers an excellent customer support program that keeps up with users along every step of the process. Promys PSA’s support representatives can be reached by telephone or email, and together they can help users develop plans, incorporate best practices and come up with procedures that will work for their organizations.

Pricing Information

Most businesses that utilize Promys PSA’s web-based professional services automation system can expect to pay either a standard license fee of $79 per user, per month, or a field tech/engineer license fee of $39 per user, per month. A one-time implementation fee also applies.

The Bottom Line

Promys PSA has very strong inventory management and order fulfillment capabilities. The web-based solution has recently been rewritten in HTML5. Within the next few months, Promys PSA’s users will have access to the same functionality regardless of the device they are using, and it’s expected to be a game changer within the PSA community.

By giving its users real-time visibility for all the equipment, services and support that belong to a project, Promys PSA makes it easier to track orders throughout their lifecycles. The company understands the needs of its customers—which tend to be larger organizations—and it has developed a SaaS solution that provides all the analytics that these businesses need. As a result, project managers have an easier time doing their jobs and the projects they handle are more likely to be profitable.

Ratings: ease of use 5/5, features 5/5, value 5/5