In today’s society, smart phones and mobile devices are becoming increasingly popular for recreational and professional services. To date, over 20 million mobile apps have been downloaded and, according to comScore, 1 out of every 3 visitors to the average retail website use a mobile device.

Your business can tap into this lucrative mobile market by creating your own business app. If you can generate a unique, interesting app which piques customer curiosity, you can significantly improve the success and reputation of your business. Listed below are several ways in which a successful mobile app can promote your business to a vast audience of potential clients.

promote your business

Use your app to supplement pre-existing marketing strategies

A mobile app can work successfully in conjunction with pre-existing marketing strategies and campaigns in order to inform customers of your services or products. You can use your business’ pre-existing website or social networking communities to promote your app. You can include a link on these pages so that your customers can download your new app in order to access a wealth of new information including updates, new services or products, and exclusive promotional discounts. If your mobile app offers customers exclusive incentives, they will be motivated to purchase it and recommend your business to others.

Consider your target market

Contemplate your business’ target market in order to determine an effective mobile app. For example, Maths Doctor are an online tutoring company who cater for a young audience who are likely to possess a keen technological interest. Therefore their mobile app, Mental Maths, uses interactive games and thought provoking challenges to entice and engage with their young target audience.

By creating an interactive tool which appeals directly to the interests of their target market, companies such as these are able to sustain customer interest. Subsequently, you need to determine whether your target market’s profile blendswith the smartphone or tablet user interface. If you can generate an app which your customers will be motivated to purchase and recommend to others, you will be able to promote your business much more effectively.

promote business

Track your mobile app results

In order to efficiently manage your mobile app, it is advisable you monitor how many people download it. If not many people are purchasing your app, this is a clear warning that you need to redesign it in order to encourage customers to seek your business services. You can also use website analytics tools such as Tynt Tracer to discover how many people visit your business website as a direct result of your mobile app. Include comments and queries sections on your pre-existing business websites or social networking pages so that customers can post any opinions or queries concerning your app. This enables you to easily discover any problems and implement improvements. Furthermore, this will establish customer confidence and trust because they will feel that their opinions are received and valued.

Moreover, you can use your mobile app to track your business’ sales. If you attach a promotional offer or discount code within your app, you can track the amount of sales which are generated directly from customers using your app. Subsequently, you can learn which demographic most use your app and tailor future promotions or services to suit them and encourage future purchases.