There is news for all the bloggers who love to write about products, be it fashion, cosmetics or electronics. Nasik-based startup Wisebuy, founded by Sushrut Bidwai, has launched a curation tool for bloggers. The product search and discovery web application – that helps shoppers in finding products and making smarter buying decisions – has created this new curation tool specifically for bloggers who write about products ranging from fashion to electronics.

The curation tool helps bloggers in finding, curating and sharing product collections with their readers. Also it helps them to monetize these collections by working with cuelinks and converting product links into affiliate links.

Making use of the tool is a simple process whereby bloggers can display their curated collection either as a grid, images or in a vertical sidebar layout. Log in to Wisebuy, search for products and bookmark all your favourite ones. Then go to your Favourites, and click on ‘Create Magazine’ button selecting the type of layout you want. Include the generated code where ever you want to showcase your curated collection. Shown above is a sample curated collection of Ganesh idols in grid layout.

Monetizing a collection would need an account created on CueLinks, a content monetization tool for all publishers that link to online shopping, travel, finance or matrimony sites. One needs to add the javascript provided by CueLinks to all their pages, just like they add Google analytics javascript. Once the CueLinks javascript is added, all collections shared on the blog/website will be monetized.

A smart move by Wisebuy to get more product review bloggers to use the search and discovery platform.