Urban Outfitters, NastyGal and over 200 other retailers have partnered with Wanelo, a product discovery app, so they can start selecting directly in the shopping app Wanelo.

For the last two years Wanelo has gained a lot of popularity and has branded itself as the best digital mall where clothing brands can reach shoppers who prefer to spend their time shopping on their phone rather than in a physical store.

However there was just one problem, shoppers who found a product in the Wanelo app that they wanted to buy had to leave the digital store in order to complete the purchase on the merchant’s own official mobile website.

This is an extra and unnecessary barrier that Wanelo hopes to remove by partnering with more than 200 brands so let users buy goods directly in their app. The launch of this feature will give Wanelo customers the ability to purchase more than 500,000 of the app’s 20 million products without being required to leave the app.

The product discovery app Wanelo is hoping to increase that ratio over time by partnering with more brands and retailers to allow more in-app transactions.

There are other mobile apps like Twitter and the startup Spring making similar moves by adding ecommerce capabilities to attract attention from clothing brands that want to reach their target demographic where they are discovering products.

Curalate is a company brands are starting to work with as well to make it easier for their customers to purchase products they discover on platforms like Instagram.

Wanelo is confident that it has the advantage over those types of services because ever since its launch in 2012 the app has been focused on product discovery.  Every month Wanelo attracts millions of visitors to its app who upload product images from their favorite ecommerce sites.

Photo Credit: PhotoPin