Five years ago, the promise of Big Data and the idea of understanding our customers and prospects on a deeper level was exciting. But the promise fell flat when it came to actually using that information to drive business decisions. Since those days, everyone has been rushing to hire data scientists or find new technologies that figure out what to do with all the data we now have at our grasp.

Predictive_App_MarketingIt is this very intersection – the point where data and action collide – where predictive app marketing lives. Predictive app marketing brings to life the ability to combine all of the rich data you have about your customers and the actions they take every time they log into your app, with your marketing channels to drive personalized engagement with your users.

The challenges marketers face with the explosion of mobile are consistent across the board:

  • Where should I spend my next dollar for user acquisition?
  • How can I draw insights from how my users are engaging with my app?
  • How do I bring all of the information I have on my customer together to get the whole picture?
  • How can I take all of that info and deliver personalized messages to the right user at the right time?
  • I need to know which customers are at risk of abandoning my app before it is too late.

Predictive app marketing is the solution to these persistent problems.

What is predictive app marketing?

Predictive app marketing is using all of the data you have about your customers, plus all of the ways they interact with your app, to predict customer behavior and proactively engage them with personalized experiences. These experiences are personalized to both the user and to the stage the user is at within the customer journey. The end game is driving higher engagement and retention, and ultimately lifetime value.

In the end, it is a customer-centric approach to app marketing. It makes your push and in-app messages welcomed and deepens the relationship with the customer. The data is there to predict what they want and what you should present to them at any given time. When you connect engagement channels like in-app, push and email marketing to that information, the probability of the outcome you want is greatly increased.

What are the key benefits?

Knowing your ideal customers and optimizing your ad spend for better long-term results

With predictive app marketing, you can stop wasting ad spend on one-time users or downloads that don’t turn into customers. What if you could increase marketing ROI by knowing the outcome of your next dollar spent on acquisition? By connecting attribution from your advertising networks to customers’  lifetime value (LTV), you can determine which ones are driving your best customers and double down on what’s working.

Anticipating when and how to build a better relationship with every customer

Personalization and predictive go hand in hand: predictive app marketing identifies and facilitates engagement opportunities. This goes beyond just what you’ve collected in-app, and includes customer information from outside the app, including email, in-store and web interactions.

How, exactly? By creating personalized experiences based on intelligent recommendations. This can include suggesting products or content (based on previous actions) that users are likely to be interested in based on their previous actions. Not only does this serve up valuable content, it also increases conversions by identifying and proactively targeting users that are likely to buy. With predictive app marketing, you can identify the user data that inspires relevant campaigns sent at the right time to the right people.

Predict and engage with at-risk customers, long before you have to win them back

Today, 20% of apps are only used once. Churn rate is incredibly high: there’s a 60% chance that users who don’t return to your app within seven days will never return. App marketers are faced with abundant competition and a shrinking attention span. Predictive app marketing helps you identify users that have strayed from the happy path and are giving you the first signals that they could become a churn risk in the future, so that you can re-engage them before you have to win them back.

Why predictive is the future

Today’s dilemma: Mobile is a highly personal medium that requires an equally personalized experience in order for your user to gain value. Consumers today demand these experiences and expect technology to be able to read their minds.

Tomorrow’s dilemma: Apps are already a part of our lives, and we’ll become increasingly dependent on them as they become the digital centerpiece connecting our devices, homes and cars. That’s a lot of data and a high bar to meet when it comes to personalization. Marketers need a solution that gives them the right data to make the right decision to be successful within this brave new world.

The solution: Predictive app marketing provides a holistic view of your customers, and uses all of your data to predict what comes next and address it with personalized marketing in real-time. It is the best way for marketers to start bridging the gap between user expectations and the reality of their brand experiences. The winners in the future of marketing are going to be those who provide that level of dedication to what their customers want.