Screen shot 2012 10 08 at 11.37.29 AM Photography via Smartphone: How the Game is Changing

Several years and camera models ago, taking a quality picture took equipment, knowhow, and a few tricks up one’s sleeve. Whether the lighting needed adjusting, props helped enhance the photo, or some professional background was used, photography wasn’t just for the layman. It took experience and several loads worth of equipment.

With today’s technology, however, a quality photograph is just a new gadget away – smartphones. Even more threatening, these electronics are portable … and the majority of the population has them. Now, a phone with a decent camera can create vintage, specialty, and customized photos from their mobile devices. No professionalism needed.

And now with the iPhone 4S and 5 coming with an eight-megapixel camera, LED flash, and Panorama – which allows users to take wide view pictures without expensive and alternative equipment – photo taking has only become easier. Other smartphone makers aren’t far behind either, offering heavy-duty flashes and photo editing capabilities. Since the release of photography-related apps, such as Instagram, Diptic, and Camera+ (most of which are free), editing has become effortless as well. No longer are hours of Photoshop required to create quality pics, just a smartphone and its accompanying applications.

Of course, when smartphones can perform so many functions, users are being all the more careful with their devices. Between custom leather cases, safety screens, and more, users are protecting their all-in-one photography devices.

From film cameras and black room editing, to smartphones that virtually make photography hassle free, the idea of photos has taken a huge turn within the past few years. Now almost anyone with a smartphone can produce quality, customized pictures – experienced or not.

Be sure to stay tuned to see what new changes smartphone photography has in store.

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