PHC CRM FX Review – A complete CRM solution that offers a wide range of functionality at an affordable price.

In today’s technology-driven workplace, most thriving businesses rely on Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software to stay in touch with their customers. When that solution is combined with a good customer service solution, businesses can increase their earnings potential significantly.

PHC FX is a robust solution made up of multiple modules to allow businesses to customize a solution to their own needs. This PHC CRM FX review will focus solely on the CRM and Customer Service modules of the cloud-based software.

PHC CRM FX Review – About the Company

With more than 135,000 users at more than 29,200 businesses around the world, PHC Software seeks to provide easy-to-use, functional systems to manage day-to-day operations. Their product modules include Business, CRM, Service, Team, Billing, and Documents. Because the product operates 100 percent in the cloud, no software downloads are necessary, allowing users to access the product from anywhere, using a variety of devices.

Main Functionality of PHC CRM FX

PHC FX’s CRM module provides a monitor to help sales professionals track their leads, hot lists, and to-do items in one place. Information on a lead is stored in one place, letting professionals keep up with every phone conversation, e-mail, and face-to-face interaction easily.

With the customer service module, businesses have a way to easily manage customer support requests. Tickets can be generated 24/7, with information conveniently delivered to the e-mail inbox of appropriate personnel.

Benefits of Using PHC CRM FX

PHC CRM FX lets businesses:

  • Track leads in one place
  • Import databases and use them to create activities and follow lead growth
  • Maintain a separate account file for each customer
  • Create proposals and quotes
  • Set appointments and book conference rooms
  • Send customized newsletters and e-mails
  • Reporting features to help managers track the progress of sales teams

PHC CRM FX’s Service module lets businesses:

  • E-mail integration
  • Custom support URLs
  • Automatic distribution of tickets
  • Easy status updates
  • Users can make notes about customers to personalize calls
  • Searchable, easy-to-update knowledge base
  • Advanced analytics to pinpoint areas that need improvement

The Basics: What Does It Look Like?

Once logged in, you’ll utilize the CRM and Service modules using the buttons at the top of the screen. The CRM drop-down offers a variety of choices.

CRM main interface

By clicking on any option under CRM, users have the choice to add new records, export a PDF file of all current records, search records, and see actions that can be performed.

The app allows you to create custom proposals to send to customers with attachments, videos or links to other information stored elsewhere. This is where you create and draw them:


Window to create custom customers messages

And this is how the customer will receive a message (after being alerted via email that there is a presentation waiting to be viewed):


Custom message received by a customer

You can also create a portfolio of different Newsletters to send to your list of recipients:


Window to create a portfolio of newsletters

There are several analyses that show you real time information.


Graphic analysis of real-time information

Under Service, users can choose from tickets, dialogues, and more. Clicking on each item pulls up the same options seen under any item in the CRM module.

Service windows

Support Information

Clicking on the question mark on any screen takes a user to My PHC FX, where support is available. Users can search the training information or place service requests here.

Pricing Information

Prices start at £33 per month with the net edition and £53 per month with a max edition.

The Bottom Line

PHC CRM FX offer a wide range of functionality at an affordable price.

Ratings: ease of use 3/5, features 4/5, value 4/5