PageProofer Review – Full set of functionalities for teams tasked with developing and maintaining websites. Its overlay offers an easy-to-use method for editing and providing suggestions to development teams.

During the process of developing or improving a website, team members are often challenged to move back and forth between screens as they try to address each piece of feedback. Bug reports, notes about problems, and emails requiring updates can easily get lost in an overflowing inbox.

PageProofer seeks to ease developers’ jobs by putting the notes directly on the website itself, where programmers can see them. This PageProofer review will show how this collaboration tools software can make the process of testing and developing a site easier for all involved parties.

PageProofer Review – About the Company

Founded in 2013, PageProofer is a site designed to facilitate the process of developing websites. Web designers, developers, project managers, team members, and their clients can use this tool to easily note corrections directly on the page being developed. All of this is done via a completely paperless system that utilizes a software-based “overlay” that rests atop the website.

Main Functionality of PageProofer

By simply inserting code on a website, developers can create an overlay for that website that allows team members to make comments directly on the page. This offers the same functionality editors once had with paper newsletters and designs. Comments can be inserted directly over items by simply double-clicking on that area of the page and typing. Using their PageProofer dashboard, developers can access a list of pages that have requested changes to make editing easier.

Benefits of Using PageProofer

By eliminating the need to toggle back and forth between various tools, PageProofer can increase productivity and speed up the delivery of projects. Because it works on every screen size, PageProofer can be deployed via mobile device or PC, with the system notifying users if something about a site doesn’t work with a particular browser.

PageProofer’s most recent update includes a Project board that gives users an overview of all tasks that have been assigned to them. By dragging and dropping, those users can easily prioritize and manage their task workflow. PageProofer also integrates with BaseCamp, which is a plus for those organizations using the popular project management software.

The Basics: What Does It Look Like?

At first login, a user enters site information and names those users who will be able to use the system. Once the information has been saved, a code will appear that a user can then copy to his website.


Code assignation windows

Development teams can paste the code directly into their code.

Inserting the code into the site’s code

Once the code is in place, a simple refresh of the webpage in the browser shows the PageProofer overlay on top of it.

The PageProofer overlay shows on top of the site

To make a note, simply click anywhere on the overlay and click “Save.”

Adding a PageProofer note

Once a note has been saved, it can be moved by simply clicking and dragging. All of the parties added at the initial login screen will be notified by email that changes have been requested.

You can move a note by clicking and dragging

The developer needs only click on “View the Note” to be directed to the website to see the feedback.

New note notification

Users can also view all of the notes in the project dashboard. They can drag and drop notes to manage their workflow, view the note details and assign notes to other team members. The search feature makes it easy to quickly find a note or comment.

Project dashboard

The developer can add a comment beneath the team member’s comment, change the status and priority or assign the task to someone else.

Adding a comment and changing the status of a note

In the upper-right corner of a page with multiple comments, a user can click to see a list of all comments for that page, along with the comment stream associated with each.


List of comments for a page

Support Information

PageProofer offers support through an email address and a Twitter profile.

Pricing Information

After a free 30-day trial period, plans start at $15 per month for up to ten users and five domains.

PageProofer Review – The Bottom Line

PageProofer provides much-needed functionality to teams tasked with developing and maintaining websites. Its overlay offers an easy-to-use method for editing and providing suggestions to development teams.

Ratings: ease of use 3/5, features 5/5, value 4/5