business appsSometimes, being an app reseller puts you in a strange position. On the one hand, the popularity of mobile is exploding. The world can’t get enough. Apps, mobile websites, and everything on the small screen seem to be the hottest things around. Millions of users are taking billions of actions each day. It’s a mobile, mobile world, right?

And then you try to sell that idea to a small business owner.

And they aren’t convinced.

To prevent that from happening, this post will discuss some common objections and provide some basic responses that might help you overcome them. When you have a good product, but have difficulties selling it, the problem is often one of education and explanation. If you can help your prospects understand the value of your offering, you’ll have a much easier time signing them up.

Here are some of the most common misconceptions:

They cost too much.

A cost objection is really a value objection in disguise. Apps don’t cost a million dollars – our apps cost a very affordable amount each month. But if this seems like too much, it’s probably because the prospect thinks that they won’t see any returns on the expense.

At that point, your job is to help them understand how apps and mobile websites generate returns:

Mobile sites increase revenue. A huge percentage of Internet traffic is now coming from mobile devices. If a business doesn’t have a mobile-optimized site, they could be missing out on hundreds and thousands of site visits. And when it comes to local businesses, those site visits tend to be from people who want to visit a local location. This means that not having a mobile-optimized website directly reduces the number of visits to a business, and therefore lowers revenue.

Apps increase revenue. In so many ways! Mobile orders, mobile reservations, social referrals, push notifications about events and deals – the list goes on and on. An app offers a variety of ways to increase customer engagement, satisfaction, and purchases, and therefore can pay for itself very easily when deployed in a way that is tailored to the user base.

The key is that not going mobile is expensive. Going mobile, on the other hand, is a profitable venture.

They’re hard to manage.

In the early days of apps, maybe, but not anymore. From a single, simple dashboard, anyone can manage a Bizness Apps app with a few clicks of a button. And we also have a very dedicated support team available to help users get through any difficulties and answer any questions. No one will be left to deal with issues on their own.

A website is enough.

No way. Huge amounts of visitors are now coming via mobile device, and a mobile-optimized site is a must. And apps deliver so many robust functions that can’t be matched by websites. If a business really wants to make the most of its customer base, it needs an app.

No one uses them.

This is nuts. A recent post by Flurry revealed that the monthly number of people using apps now exceeds the number of people using desktops and laptops. Each month, roughly 224 million people now use apps, as opposed to 221 million people that use desktops and laptops. Apps are hugely popular, and users are spending hours and hours using apps every week. Not every one of a business’s customers will download and use an app, of course but for the users that do, the rewards to the business are well worth the expense.

Which brings us around to the key message – the cost of an app is far outweighed by the returns it brings. Encourage business owners to experiment with apps! There’s very little to lose, and a very bright mobile future to be gained.