You know what you need and you have an inhouse team of mobile app developers. On your mark… set…go with the development! Only if it were that easy! Nevertheless, most of the early adopters of mobile apps took that route marking the first phase of mobile app revolution in enterprises.


Welcome to enterprise mobility 2.0

Enterprise mobility 2.0 projects a stronger and versatile face of mobile apps in enterprises. The evolution of mobile devices from anytime anywhere communication channels to powerful media that carry out complex tasks has revolutionized the way organizations function. So, it becomes evident that the apps that are developed to carry out these tasks need a thorough strategy to yield intended result. Which is why having the right mix of skills is critical for enterprise mobile app development.

Leave no stone unturned!

Mobile app development is as complex as software development. And there are factors that add to the complexity in terms of:

  • the devices and platforms in use in an enterprise
  • nature and kind of integrations required with the backend systems and
  • security and permission controls

Acquiring all the skillsets required to implement mobility might cost you dear considering the evolving business strategies and changing trends in mobility. Also, finding the right talent is expensive and nightmarish.

Find your app development partner


Here you go:

  • A mobility partner brings in the expertise to gauge the gap between strategy and implementation
  • Knowledge transition and development is faster as they know their game
  • You get a ready pool of experienced resources across all technologies and mobile platforms
  • An experience partner will foresee hurdles and be proactive to solve them
  • You will evade the following costs – recruiting a team, maintaining team and upgrading skills with changing technologies
  • Moreover, if you choose to own a team of mobile app developers, your vendor will prove extremely helpful as they will set the base by handling the heavy load while your team gets up to speed by dealing with the support and maintenance activities. Also, your team will have the luxury of receiving hands-on knowledge transition.

The common apprehensions

  • Mobility is important. So giving out control to someone else is risky!

Not really. As in every other outsourced software project, even mobile app development could be controlled the way you want. Ensure your vendor hands over the code so that you own it. Also make sure your vendor is legally bound not to use your code to build similar products in any case.

  • Screening is tricky

Do a thorough reference check with their past customers for the quality of their work, responsiveness and commitment. Ask for sample apps they have developed. Do a pilot project for thorough evaluations.

  • Vendor is expensive

You don’t want to go with the cheapest vendor available because quality comes at a price. So be judicious while making this decision. However, opting for a vendor will be cost-effective considering the total cost of owning a team.

So you tell me, would you outsource your mobile app development? Have you worked with a technology partner? Share your experience.

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