Legal Marketing Goes Mobile

The well-marketed slogan, “there’s an app for that” may very well be true at this point.  With hundreds of thousands of apps available at our fingertips, it is not surprising that everyone is getting involved.  In fact, mobile apps are being created so quickly, there are numerous tools that many mobile users may not know about.  This is likely the case with legal apps.  Law firms have begun using mobile apps as a way to provide valuable services to clients and potential clients, making their services available at the touch of a screen.

As more mobile devices are released on the market, the number of apps available for download will likely increase, and the way that users interact with said apps will likely change.  At this point, however, it is safe to say that that the firms that are making use of this type of service are ahead of the curve.  Market trends project that the “mobile friendly” businesses will push ahead of others in upcoming years, if they aren’t already ahead of the competition.

Resource Apps

Recently, several firms have chosen to utilize this type of marketing strategy, including the law offices of Lowenthal & Abrams, P.C.  This Philadelphia workers’ compensation law firm has chosen to create a mobile app that provides information on multiple levels to help workplace accident victims understand their rights and reach out to those who can help.  Their app contains:

  • One-touch directions and contact information to the nearest emergency medical center
  • A checklist of important workers’ compensation information
  • A quiz to help users better understand their potential claim
  • A chart to help victims keep track of needed medication
  • Resources for victims
  • Contact information for a user’s personal physician
  • Contact information for the law firm

The legal team at this office feels that the laws surrounding workers’ compensation issues are complex and confusing and as such, they created this app to provide much needed information on the subject.

Emergency Service Apps

Some attorneys choose to utilize different features on their apps—advertising the mobile resource as a tool for those facing legal consequences.  This is the approach taken by a DWI defense attorney from Dallas, Mark Lassiter.  This application focuses on helping users take immediate action in the event of an arrest, and also serves as a resource for related information.  Specifically, the app offers:

  • The chance to send an emergency text to a friend with your location and a message stating that you’re being arrested and may need help
  • A comprehensive list of rights that anyone being stopped by a law enforcement officer has
  • Contact information for the Law Offices of Mark T. Lassiter.
  • A Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) Calculator to help you determine if you should get behind the wheel
  • Resources for those facing DWI charges

Whether your attorney’s office has an app or not, this trend is definitely something to keep an eye on.  Lawyers, doctors, restaurants, and many other businesses have been moving in this direction, and many people may feel a little safer having this type of helpful app easily accessible on their mobile devices at all times.