Most careers revolve around accountability. In the IT community, accountability makes or breaks careers, which is a large part of the reason that IT is skeptical of Mobile Software Deployment in general.

Everyone, from your mother on down has come to expect little to no accountability from wireless carriers. Calls are dropped, photos can’t be transmitted, and there are no bars to be gotten. All of which appears to a CIO as a hostile environment for corporate software deployment.

Add to that new and ever-changing devices, in the Android world there are no less than 100 different Android phone manufacturers and Apple fields a new (i)device almost every quarter. Factor in carrier-initiated operating system upgrades and you have a war zone environment for deployment of corporate software.

That said, mobile enterprise software vendors are wading into the fray and offering mobility options for their software. The first deployments will be “learning experiences” that will richly reward early adopters.

The shift to mobile is happening at very rapid pace and will likely set companies apart from their competition. The rapid and pervasive changes in the music industry were a precursor to rapid change in the payments industry. The next change may happen to your industry, and you don’t yet have a deep understanding of your own company’s mobile use.

IT managers need to have greater visibility into their mobile environment; they need to be able to assess the network performance, coverage, connection failures as well as specific device performance details from a user perspective, and not a sales spec sheet.

While the environment feels like a war zone, users are continuing to migrate to the mobile lure of access anywhere and a single device as the personal portal to their world. Corporate IT leaders need to establish a high ground to better view the mobile battle field because like it or not, the weapon of choice has no strings attached.


  • Expect more, ask the carriers for detailed network information
  • Take control of your mobile environment, become knowledgeable about the devices and carriers your employees are using, look at the cellular bills
  • Deploy something! Make it a goal to deploy one corporate app this year and learn by experience, before the first deployment is a mission critical project