Come February and it’s the season of love on Facebook. And every brand worth its social media strategy has been vying for fans’ attention ever since. So it wasn’t a big deal to see social gifting startup like Badhai make the most of Valentine’s Day. At Badhai, one can gift an amount rather than a gift itself, providing the receiver the flexibility of choice from a plethora of partner brands. Furthering this method of gifting and bringing in an element of fun, the brand has launched an application on Facebook called ‘Nudge‘. So you could nudge your friends and family on Facebook for gifts this Valentine’s.

How ‘Nudge’ works?

The concept of Nudge is cool. Once the app authenticates itself, the app that looks more like a dashboard provides a neat operation. The search option provides a way to look up your friends and family on Facebook and then nudge them for a gift. The app also shows the list of Nudges sent by you to your friends and received which have been sent to you by your friends as show in the below screen grab.


Nudging will share an update on the timelines of all those friends and family members who have been nudged. To understand how the app works, lets assume that Suhana wants a gift from Aryan. So the below listed actions would happen:

1. Suhana would Nudge Aryan that she needs a gift. Suhana’s app would show a status of 1 Nudge in Sent. This activity would be followed by a Facebook wall update at Aryan’s end.

2. Aryan would receive the notification on the wall. He will click the link that will take him to the Nudge app where he would see 1 Nudge received. On click of the notification, Aryan would get a list of 21 gifts from which he can choose a gift that Suhana might like. This activity would be again followed by a Facebook wall update.

3. Suhana would receive the update and in her app she would be notified that Aryan has selected a tablet as a gift for her. Let’s assume that Suhana likes it and informs Aryan. If she doesn’t like then Aryan would be notified and he will have to select a new gift and step 2 would be repeated again.

4. Aryan would be notified by an update and in his app he would be notified that Suhana has agreed to accept his promised gift. So when Aryan clicks the notification, he gets a pop up where he will be provided the link to Badhai’s portal. On click it would take him to the portal where he would generate a voucher exact to the value of the tablet that would be delivered to Suhana. Finally, Suhana can redeem that voucher for a tablet in one of the partnered stores of Badhai.

Can Nudge really nudge the Badhai fans?

The app may look a bit tedious initially due to the multiple round of acceptance but it ties to the objective of Badhai. The app has also been aggressively promoted on Facebook beginning February. With a ‘Watch this space’ update, the brand introduced about the term ‘Nudge’ and then followed up with some interesting posts around it. On Twitter, the startup launched a contest where it asked followers to tweet about gifts along with hashtag #Nudge and wackiest tweets would receive a gift from Badhai on Valentine’s Day. The contest was launched on Twitter to make people aware of the app Nudge and create the maximum buzz.

Badhai has been one of the earliest startups to jump in the gifting business in India, which has become highly competitive over the last few months. However, the startups idea to gift vouchers and sync up with the social circle has been some of the key features. To add to this, Badhai is also one of the startups in the gifting arena that is using social media extensively and the launch of Nudge is one such example. In fact the same was shared by Ajay Pandey, Founder at Badhai in a video interview with us.

So Nudge is an exciting app considering it’s launch timed well during the Valentine and I am sure with time other features could be added. Since it is using Facebook’s platform, one feature could be great if the app can pull up gifts according to the interests of the person. This kind of recommendation would add value to the app.

Will you be Nudging someone this Valentine, if yes then let us know how was your experience with the app.