Dulux Paints Android App

When it comes to home decor, consumers want nothing but the best. Every inch of one’s home reflects the personality of the owner, right from the colour of the walls to the things on display on the showcase. Now empowering consumers and home decorators is a new tool that will help visualizing a room even before it is painted. So one does have a fair idea when they are looking to paint or redecorate their house.

Dulux Paints from AkzoNobel has launched the Dulux Visualiser app through which you can visualise any colour on your room walls. Using unique augmented reality technology, you can see realistic Dulux paint colours appear on your walls with just a tap of the screen. The android app available at the Google Play store features an average rating of 3.9 with nearly 100K to 500K downloads.

Excited to try out the new app, especially for its augmented reality feature, I downloaded it on my Micromax Canvas 2.2 only to be disappointed that my device does not support the augmented reality (AR) version of the Visualizer. But there is hope. For devices that do not support AR version, the app provides a Picture Visualizer.

I went with the picture visualiser version and started by browsing the menu options. The app serves as a pocket-sized product catalogue that gives you a choice of colour schemes to go with your chosen paint colours or existing furnishings. You can also explore the complete range of products from Dulux or find your nearest paint stores. One of the option provides a collection of helpful videos, which again talk about the wide range of products and how they can help beautify your home. The ‘star’ symbol on the bar stores all your saved colours, visualisations, etc. These can be shared over social networks with any of your connections.

Dulux visualiser screenshotAs seen in the screenshot above, the app provides the entire gamut of paints from Dulux. You can choose a colour from the colour pallet or pick a color from your room itself with the color picker. Clicking a particular colour displays the full details of the shade, including products in that shade and colour schemes for it. If you like a colour, you can save it by clicking the ‘star’ symbol.

Once you launch the visualiser, you can either take a photo of your room or choose one from the gallery. The app provides a range of preset images from bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms, kids rooms to kitchens and more. Pick a colour from the palete or by clicking on anything in the room and tap on the walls to paint them. If you like it, save it by clicking the star sign or reset and begin again.

Dulux visualiser screenshot1The app does come with a disclaimer on colour accuracy. It warns you to use a colour test on the actual surface to be painted as the on-screen and photo colours in the app might not be an exact match of the actual Dulux paint colour.

Helpful app for interior designers

The concept of augmented reality to see your walls come alive in a colour you have imagined is a cool one. I wish I could experience the AR version but the picture visualiser isn’t bad either. The fact that you can save your chosen visualisations and colours and then share it with your social connections is a helpful one in deciding the final colour of your room. Besides, the ability to pick a colour from any of the existing furnishing in your room and then get suggested colour schemes for it, makes the job a far easier one.

The only glitch I came across was when I tried to zoom in to the image while picking a color from the furnishing in the room. The app allows you to zoom in to a room but not while you are picking a color!

Nevertheless, it is a helpful app if you are looking to get a fair idea on certain colour schemes on your walls before you go for painting. It is a pocket-sized tool for interior designers to help visualise a room colour in different ways for their clients.

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