NOW is the Time to Start Your App Optimization

App usage is increasing rapidly and your app content is a critical part of app optimization. There are about 2 million mobile applications in major app store. As marketers, it is crucial that your app to be visible in search results to be discoverable to a large number of online audiences.

Why The Need To Optimize Your App?

According to study, 52% of digital media time is spent in mobile apps and it is no wonder that apps are becoming a powerful tool for online interaction. This is a clear indication that apps can be a great avenue to increase business profit through app monetization.

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These days, it is now possible to search for apps through mobile web browsing and just like websites; your app also has to be optimized to bring it to top results. App optimization will allow user to easy find and install your app. App optimization is nothing more than an SEO in mobile app.

To effectively optimize your app, the first thing you should do is to allow Google to index your app through app landing pages or deep screens in apps. There are two categories; the App Packs and App Deep Links.

  • App Packs. This is a more conventional type of showing app rankings. App packs results will take you to download pages of apps and it relies mainly in descriptions, titles, reviews, and ratings.

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  • App Deep Links. There are varieties of deep links like brand, content and icon which can be presented in variety of ways such as single app, usual blue links, and mobile carousel. Deep links point out to specific deep screen within the application.


How To Optimize Your Apps Correctly?

Optimizing your app is a somehow different and somehow similar to website optimization. Let’s take a look on some useful tips for apps optimization.

Optimize In-App Factors

Optimizing in-app factors are quite similar to webpage SEO and perhaps, as marketers, it will be so easy for you. There are four fundamental factors we should consider in optimizing an app. These are title, descriptions, logo and category. This step may seem simple and easy but this is the key element of a successful mobile app. These are the tips to follow to properly optimize these factors.

  • Title

In coming up with a title, as much as possible, keep it short, relevant and catchy. Make sure you have included the name of your brand and sought-after keyword/s which can be easily crawled and index by Google.

  • Descriptions

Your description is crucial in attracting more installs in your app. You have to carefully and creatively create a description for your app. Your description must encourage and persuade users to choose your app over the others. Furthermore, you also have to stay relevant to what your app offers.

  • Logo

Your logo represents your app. It is the first thing that user will notice so make sure you make it visually-appealing and unique that it stands out from the rest. A good logo can also increase app engagement.

  • Category

Make sure your app is correctly categorized. You can put more than one category provided that it is appropriate to what your app is all about. Placing your app in the right categories can increase your visibility in app search results.

Include App Rating System

The more positive reviews and ratings you get from existing app users, they more installs you will gain. Reviews and ratings are effective ways to make your app known to more people. Make use of app rating services to prompt ratings and reviews invites to users of your app.

Optimize Your App Website

There are still large numbers of online users who search the web to look for apps. So make sure that your app has a website which can be optimized for desktop and web searching. Use app-related keywords to optimized your desktop website and ensure that your website can lead and persuade desktop users to download and visit your app.

Keep Your App Updated

You have to keep your app updated to avoid errors and bugs and to improve app performance. With so many similar apps in the app store, you have to make your app better than the rest. Likewise, make sure you make a time-to-time update of your screenshots which give users a glimpse of how your app works.


Mobile marketing is getting more and more competitive and developing mobile app on one of the effective ways to get an edge over your competitors. However, the job does not end in developing an app. Aside from app development; you should also put attention to optimizing your app to get better search ranking.

So put these optimization practices into work and get moving to take your app on top NOW.