Secure messaging apps have been on the rise ever since entrepreneurs caught wind of Edward Snowden’s revelations last year. Messaging app OneOne is a new chat app for Android and iOS that offers text messaging that it says is private and untraceable.

Kevin Abosch, the entrepreneur and photographer behind OneOne also created the Lenka monochrome photography app and the KwikDesk anonymous semi-public messaging platform.

His messaging app OneOne works by installing the app, which once you have, will not direct you to a login or account creation page, instead you are presented with several ‘channels’ that are available to you. In each of the channels you can take up a conversation with another user. Once you tap on a channel you give it a name and then can copy a direct link and send it to a friend to invite them or send an invite via email. Your friend opens the invite link and the channel is opened in their app so you can start chatting.

After 24 hours the messages are automatically deleted, however, either user can delete a channel off their device at any time they please and doing so removes all messages from the other person’s device. The chat feature is currently limited to text but images and documents are expected to be added in the near future.

So are messages in the app really private and untraceable? After all, claiming that they are is really a bold move considering even Snapchat was hacked after making similar statements. “OneOne encrypts and decrypts messages directly on your device using secret keys that never leave your device. It’s impossible for anyone, including OneOne servers, to decrypt the message’s content (as they do not have access to the secret keys on your device),” says Absoch.

Photo Credit: TheNextWeb