The iPhone 5S is an example of corporate leniency when it comes to trade secrets. We’ve seen so many leaks we almost know the phone inside and out before its official unveiling. We’ve seen the new colours, the iPhone 5S dual flash, and rumours about the iPhone 5C finally bringing a low-cost iPhone to the market. Apple has been a hub of activity. Here’s a roundup of some of the major leaks and news about the iPhone 5S.

The Fingerprint Scanner

In the last few days Sonny Dickinson, a well-known leak merchant, released pictures of the corporation’s new leaked home button. It’s definitely different and it appears to show a place where you would put your finger. Whilst we’ve known about the idea of adding such a scanner for many weeks now, nobody was quite sure if it would actually happen.

Now we can be confident the iPhone 5S will bring fingerprint scanners to the market. This will be a major step forward for biometrics and will revolutionise the world of security.

China Gets in First 

We’ve seen lots of embarrassing errors lately. This next one comes from China Telekom. The company used an account, which was independently verified by The Wall Street Journal, to post some telling images online. The China Telekom leak revealed a pre-order page with a picture of the iPhone 5S in black. We can see possible evidence of the iPhone 5S dual flash as there was an additional green strip around the camera.

The biggest reveal of all was the fact we’ve seen something like this so early. China is normally one of the last markets to see this phone. Rumours always speculated China would get first dibs on this new iPhone this time. Now this is all but confirmed. Whilst we don’t know much about the release date, it’s clear North America and Europe will have to wait just a little bit longer.


It’s true, iPhone 5 cases will fit the iPhone 5S. This isn’t exactly as ground-breaking as the new champagne coloured iPhones, but it’s a big issue for many. If it does fit, it says a lot about the specifications of the iPhone 5S. We don’t know about what they are, but this would indicate there’s very little difference between the two.

There are signs the new iPhone 5S is slightly lighter and thinner than the iPhone 5. These are just rumours, and if the information from Case Mate is true it’s likely it’s just a rumour and it isn’t true.

What About the Release Date?

We have no information from Apple about the release date. Multiple retailers have said they’ve received indications it could be out at the end of September. The biggest problem is with the iPhone 5C. Confusion about whether Apple will be opting for a simultaneous release date or a separate release date has made making predictions much more difficult.

We can’t deduce the official release date. What we can do is correctly assume we will have a release date of around late September or early October for the iPhone 5S.

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